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Welcome to Southern Cross University's Academic Language Self-Assessment

The Academic Language Self-Assessment is an opportunity for you to give yourself an indication of how ready you are to engage with the kinds of English you will encounter in your university studies.

Why we are asking you to undertake this self-assessment

As you will find out, the specialised English that you will encounter in your university studies is often very different from the kind of English you use in everyday life. The fact that you can speak, understand, read and write English in your daily life does not necessarily mean that you are fully prepared for the kinds of English you will encounter at university. The SCU Academic Language Self-Assessment is a quick way for you to find how ready you are to engage effectively with this specialised English.

How this self-assessment helps you

After you have completed the assessment tasks you will receive an email, usually within a day or two, which lets you know your result and advises you of appropriate support options that we have available to help you get started with your studies and to help you along your journey through university. This result does not in any way affect your status as a student of Southern Cross University.

How this self-assessment helps SCU

We want to provide the best support that we can for our students. The results of this assessment help us to plan the most appropriate strategies to support you.

How do I do it?

This self-assessment will take you about 30 minutes.

We strongly encourage you to participate.

To take the self-assessment please read the information below. Then click on the link.

The material presented on this site is provided for the express purpose of completing the Academic Language Self-Assessment. All text, data, images, audio, video and other such material on the site is protected by copyright held by SCU or such material is used by SCU with the permission of the copyright owner, the University of Melbourne. In completing and using the Academic Language Self-Assessment you agree that you must not reproduce, distribute, modify, transmit, reuse or adapt the material contained in this site without prior written permission of SCU.

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