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Teaching and Learning

Teaching Exemplars

The teaching exemplars represent a range of creative and inspiring approaches used at SCU to support student learning. Case studies have been selected as exemplars based on their ability to:

  • engage learners or support learner engagement
  • demonstrate capacity to be transferred to other teaching environments
  • be easily implemented, and
  • demonstrate sustainability over a number of years.

Each exemplar includes a description of the context, activity and impact on teaching and learning, as well as suggestions for others who may want to do something similar.

Using an integrated proactive strategy to support first year business studies students with maths anxiety
Dr Nicola Jayne

'It felt like you were there': using technology to prepare environmental science students for fieldwork and professional practice experience
Dr Kathryn Taffs

Using online scenario software for a problem-based learning approach to teaching clinical diagnosis skills
Dr Ken Wojcikowski

Combining team teaching and technology to provide authentic learning experiences for environmental science students
Dr David Lloyd

Developing critical thinking and reflection skills through creating inclusive learning environments for first year arts students
Mr Soenke Biermann

Using a range of technologies to equalise and streamline teaching and learning experiences in a large first year multi-campus cohort in tourism management
Dr Kay Dimmock

Enhancing equity for information technology first year students with a range of skills and study options
Dr William Smart