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Teacher Commendations

Teacher Commendations

Commendations are now closed

Southern Cross University has some outstanding teachers, and Teacher Commendations provide a way for you to nominate our best. We advertise Teacher Commendations with the tagline "Is your teacher cut out for an HD?"

Teacher Commendations were started as an initiative of the Centre for Teaching and Learning in 2015.

They are voluntary and open to all staff and students. Commendations can refer to an individual teacher, or teaching team such as that for a particular unit. There is no limit to the number of Commendations any person can make; however each Commendation requires a statement of about 50 to 200 words. The Commendation can refer to any learning experience or collegial activity at SCU within the last two years.

Teachers and teams commended can use your commendation as part of their teaching portfolio, and potentially to support an application for a teaching award, the Vice Chancellor's Citations, later in the year.

PDF 2016 Commendations
PDF 2015 Commendations

2016 Commendations

The 2016 commendations period is now closed and Commendations are being processed. Commendation details include:

  1. Your name, student or staff ID and contact details (anonymity is optional)
  2. The name and email of the teacher you are commending
  3. How you know the teacher you are commending, e.g. tutor, unit assessor, clinical supervisor
  4. If relevant, the unit code and the session you studied the unit
  5. A brief statement (50 to 200 words)
    For students this should address how the commended teacher(s) contributed to your learning or learning experience.
    For staff this should address the aspects of the commended teacher(s) practice you believe is excellent.
    Please use specific information and examples in your statement.

What happens with your commendation?

After the portal is closed, the Commendations are collated for each teacher or team commended. They are listed as either anonymous or identified as per your request.

Collated Commendations are then emailed to each staff member or contact person.

The person or people you commend may use your Commendation to support an application for an SCU Vice Chancellor's Citation.

All students and staff making a Commendation will be emailed the 2016 summary report.

Further questions
Further information is available from