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Inclusive Curricula

Southern Cross University (SCU) has developed a model and range of resources to support an inclusive approach to curricula and teaching. The model and resources are based on SCU's approach to and definition of inclusivity:

Inclusive curricula and teaching in higher education is defined as an approach to course and unit design and to teaching and learning practice which aims to improve access and successful participation of groups traditionally excluded from tertiary education.

The SCU Model for Inclusive Curricula and Teaching

The SCU approach to inclusive curricula and teaching is depicted in the SCU Inclusive Curricula & Teaching (IC&T) model. The model is comprised of four integrated elements based on findings developed from the research literature. The videos below provide a brief explanation of the model.

Use the YouTube control panel to view the videos in the highest quality. Closed captions may also be switched on and off via the control panel.

  • Part 1 of 3 - Model Overview video
  • This video discusses Southern Cross University's approach to inclusive curricula and teaching. It provides an overview of the model developed by SCU, based on the literature and insights from students and staff.

    Read transcript of Model Overview video

  • Part 2 of 3 - Powerful Design video
  • This video discusses the first key enabler identified by the research for student success within the teaching context: Powerful Design. The elements of Curriculum and Assessment, and Teaching Methods are explained.

    Read transcript of Powerful Design video

  • Part 3 of 3 - Empowering Delivery video
  • This video discusses the second key enabler identified by the research for student success within the teaching context: Empowering Delivery. The elements of Learning Environment and The Teacher are explained.

    Read transcript of Empowering Delivery video

The SCU Inclusive Curricula and Teaching Toolkit

The Inclusive Curricula and Teaching (IC&T) toolkit focuses on the four model elements and is designed for new teachers as an introduction to Inclusive Curricula, and is a summary reminder for experienced teachers. The toolkit resources provide strategies for inclusive teaching and learning informed by research and scholarship.

Use the interactive IC&T model to access the four model element resources.

interactive IC&T model
bullet Curriculum and Assessment
bullet Teaching Methods
bullet Learning Environment
bullet The Teacher

Student Success (Retention, Achievement and Progress) is based on two key enablers: Powerful Design (Curriculum and Assessment combined with Teaching Methods) and Empowering Delivery (Learning Environment and The Teacher).

PDF Download an interactive pdf of The SCU Inclusive Curricula and Teaching Toolkit

PDF See the literature review for the research underlying the model: A review of inclusive curricula, teaching, retention, achievement and progression.

The toolkit includes a range of resources from videos, web page overviews, detailed information sheets, and interactive postcards expressing the voices of SCU staff and students. The toolkit design comprises the following:

  • a web page overview of each model element. The titles of the individual resources within a web page act as a guide to remind staff to consider the various aspects of teaching
  • information sheets which provide key ways to assist unit and course design, and teaching and learning practice
  • postcards which highlight the educational exchange between staff and students. Expressed are key challenges identified by teachers and comments by students which they felt would help their learning.

You can find out more by accessing the links in the left hand menu to see the SCU staff and student voices:

  • SCU Staff Voice for strategies staff use to help students be successful in their study
  • SCU Student Voice for student population diversity figures, and insights from first year students on what helped them to learn. You can also link to the SCU Student Voice details by clicking STUDENT SUCCESS in the interactive IC&T model.

The online toolkit resources were peer reviewed by SCU academic staff. The Centre for Teaching and Learning acknowledges the time staff dedicated to this task.

The work of Dr Iris Vardi, consultant to this project, is also acknowledged.

For an overview of the toolkit resource and project download the brochure:

bulletInclusive Curricula and Teaching

Funding for the Inclusive Curricula and Teaching Project (2013 - 2014) was provided by the Commonwealth Government's Higher Education Participation Programme (HEPP).