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Teaching and Learning

Visiting Scholars 2015

Professor Rick Cummings

Professor Cummings is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for University Teaching and Learning at Murdoch University. He recently retired as Director of the Centre after nearly 20 years working in learning and teaching at Murdoch. Rick has led several ALTC/OLT projects in the areas teaching practice and standards and has worked in a number of OLT projects, particularly in the area of evaluation. He and Paul Chesterton developed the ALTC Guidelines for project evaluation and Rick has been an assessor for OLT grants and awards.

Rick and Professor Denise Chalmers at UWA are co-leaders of the WA-based OLT strategic project on professionalisation of the academic workforce. This project has just finished after 2 years of work and the key outcome of the project, the Australian University Teaching Criteria and Standards Framework, has been worked on with 20 institutions across Australia. The use of the framework is now being discussed with universities in South Africa and a consortium of universities in Malaysia and the VET sector in Australia.

The focus of Professor Cummings' visit was the Australian University Teaching Criteria and Standards Framework, and its potential application at SCU.

View Professor Rick Cummings' presentation:

Applying teaching criteria and standards at an institutional level

Further information about Professor Cummings is available on his Murdoch University profile page

Professor Peter K Bol

Professor Peter K Bol is Vice Provost for Advances in Learning, Harvard University. As Vice Provost he is responsible for HarvardX, the Harvard Initiative in Learning and Teaching, and research pertaining to HarvardX. Together with William Kirby he teaches ChinaX (SW12x) course, one of the HarvardX courses. Profesor Bol's research is centred on the history of China's cultural elites at the national and local levels from the 7th to the 17th century.

View Professor Peter Bol's presentation:

Adventures in online learning: The view from Harvard

Further information about Professor Peter K Bol is available at his Harvard University profile page