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Census Dates


The census date is the date on which a student's enrolment is taken to be finalised. Each unit of study in a study period at Southern Cross University has a census date. The following census dates apply to any unit studied in the following study periods (excluding any units studied through the specific collaboration campus listed below).

Census dates vary depending on the unit/s in which you are enrolled. To determine the actual census date for each unit of study, students must check My Enrolment (Study Plans -> Current Enrolment).

Census dates

You census date varies depending on the academic calendar you study in. Students studying in Australia whether on-campus or online in our 3-session calendar. SCU Online students study in our 6-study-period calendar.

Important: The census dates listed are effective at 12 midnight NSW time
2017 Census Dates - 3 Sessions per year
Session Start DateEnd Date*Census Date
Session 1 27 February 201710 June 201720 March 2017
Session 210 July 201721 October 201731 July 2017
Session 36 November 201710 February 201827 November 2017
2017 Census Dates - 6 Study Periods per year
Study Period Start DateEnd Date*Census Date
Study Period 127 February 201713 April 201713 March 2017
Study Period 224 April 20178 June 20178 May 2017
Study Period 310 July 201724 August 201724 July 2017
Study Period 44 September 201719 October 201718 September 2017
Study Period 530 October 201714 December 201713 November 2017
Study Period 627 December 20179 February 201812 January 2018

* Study Period End Date includes any assessment or examination periods.

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Research Census Dates

Listed below are the study periods and census dates for research awards.

Research Semester 1, 2017

Research students commencing studies from 1 January 2017 to 30 June 2017.

Research Semester 2, 2017

Research students commencing studies from 1 July 2017 to 31 December 2017.

Census Date: The first university working day after 20% of the individual student's combined teaching and assessment period has elapsed.

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Law Summer School

Law Summer School units census dates vary depending on the unit offered and its location. Students must check individual unit census dates via My Enrolment. For more information and the units offered please refer to the Law Summer School page.

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