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Interview with Nocturnal Tapes - National Campus Band Comp Winners in 2015

Nocturnal Tapes interview prior to performing and winning the 2015 SCU Final National Campus Band Comp, then went on to win the 2015 QLD State Final and finally winning the 2015 National Final NCBC in Sydney!

Nicole Beverley - Interviewer

Interviewing Harry Suttor and Lachlan Mulligan from Nocturnal Tapes

Nicole Beverley: Welcome to the SCU Final of the National Campus Band Competition brought to you by Lipton Ice Tea!

Harry Suttor: Hi I'm Harry and I play guitar and sing.

Lachlan Mulligan: Hi I'm Lachy and I play synths, samples and drum beats.

Nicole: Whose idea was it to enter this competition and why?

Lachlan:To be able to buy more synths - and have a growing arsenal of equipment [laughing]!

Nicole: What would winning this competition mean to you?

Lachlan:Exposure, we love playing Coin is always good - [both laughing]

Nicole: What does the future hold for the band after this, anything special?

Lachlan:Recording live tracks, more creativity and developing our sound

Nicole: What is your favourite 90s jam?

Lachlan:Something from Biggie/hip hop

Harry: Jeff Buckley or Radiohead

Nicole: Who would win the fight between Spiderman and Batman?

Harry: Definitely Spiderman as Batman is not a hero! He was on his own so I will give him points for that! [Laughter]

Nicole: How many donuts are you capable of eating in one sitting?

Lachlan:I would be sick before I got through 3 - too sweet! [Laughter!]

[The end of interview and live performance of the event]