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Parkside Orchestra at the SCU Final of the National Campus Band Comp (NCBC)

Tyson: So why did you guys enter this competition?

Torsten: It would be a great experience. It is our 3rd year of uni. I thought it would be awesome to say we won that! It would be just cool to say that we did it!

Tyson: And what would mean winning this competition mean to you?

Freyja: I think winning this competition would be a huge accomplishment for us and I think, yeah, it would be something to put our name to. Yeah we did it and look back at something we can be proud of! Some awesome prizes would be beneficial and give us a kick into the industry.

Tyson: What does the future hold for this band?

Scott: We are going to be the biggest band in the world!

[ pause ]


[ Scott and Tyson start laughing ]