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Academic Integrity

As a student you need to ensure you aware of what academic integrity is and how to practise it. This section of guides by Academic Skills will help you avoid plagiarism, reference your sources correctly, use direct quotes and paraphrasing, and introduces you to Turnitin, the University's originality checking software.

Academic Language Self-Assessment

The Academic Language Self-Assessment is an opportunity for you to give yourself an indication of how prepared you are to engage with the kinds of English that you will encounter in your university studies.

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Numeracy Resources


The Numeracy Modules provide you with easy to read background material to help you improve your numbers and mathematics skills for your studies at SCU. The materials are supplemented with topic videos where you can listen and watch while problems are explained and solved. You can access these modules at any time. If you need more assistance, contact Academic Skills to join a workshop or to organise an individual consultation.

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