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Casual room and video conference bookings

Southern Cross University staff and students wishing to book the following services should complete the Online Booking Form and submit for processing. A copy of the submitted form will be emailed to the provided email address for your records.

  • casual room bookings at Lismore and Gold Coast; or
  • video conference bookings at Lismore, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour, National Marine Science Centre and The Hotel School Sydney.

A confirmation email will be sent. No event should be advertised prior to receiving the confirmation. The Timetable Team will oversee bookings and any further assistance or follow up that may be necessary can be directed to Timetables on 02 6626 9353.

Note: bookings may take up to 2 business days to process. We appreciate your patience.

Email and contact details

Lismore Timetables Team
Tel: 02 6626 9353

External booking of campus facilities - Lismore and Gold Coast

If you are a group or organisation external to the University, you should download the External Room Booking Form, complete it then email it to the Timetable Team for processing. Emailing the form is preferred. A confirmation email will be sent.

Venue hire cost

Hire charges are based on the type of venue and fit out of the space. There is no additional cost for use of the audio-visual equipment where it is supplied as standard with the room.

Additional charges will apply if the services of an audio visual technician are required/compulsory, or if extra cleaning or equipment is requested for your event. There may also be additional cost for security or other items.

Gold Coast and Lismore

Room Type/Seats (Capacity)Room Hire Half DayRoom Hire Full DayTechnical Staff Allowances (As Required)
Flat Teaching Space$80$150N/A
Tiered Lecture Theatre$150$280HEW 5 level 4 Rate
Y Block Theatre Lismore Only (500)$300$500HEW 5 level 4 Rate
Laboratories* (Nursing, Chemistry, Midwifery, Engineering, Sports Hall)$200$350HEW 5 level 4 Rate

* Laboratories will also incur additional costs for consumables, specimens, lab and equipment setup/teardown or any other requirements. Laboratories use will require a written acceptance of a quote prior to venue hire.

NOTE: all rates/fees are GST inclusive and are current as at 10 April 2014 and are subject to change without notice.

Service and facility fee

It is necessary to ensure that rooms are open, available and clean. A Service and Facility Fee may be charged on all bookings to cover a standard open and close and clean of your venue if required. The fee is $125 including GST.

When a room booking fee waiver is applied to a booking the Service and Facility Fee may still apply for the cost of cleaning if the room not satisfactory after a reasonable single use.

Other facilities

All other teaching spaces and facilities including Sports Hall, Music and concert spaces, Visual Arts and lab spaces are hired at the discretion of the Timetable Manager in consultation with the relevant Manager/Coordinator of the required spaces.

Technical/other allowances per hour

Some venues require the attendance of Technical Support Staff or software installation and hirers will be charged for this assistance.

External bookings may attract the following fees in addition to Room Hire charges and Service and Facility fees.

Audio visual technical support

Audio Visual Technical Support is generally charged at Higher Education Worker Level 5 Year 4 rates. A minimum 4 hour callout period applies as follows. First 2 hours charged at time and 1/2, second 2 hours double time for evening and Saturday overtime. Double time all hours on Sunday.

Laboratory support

Lab Fee Tech Setup of HEW 5 Level 4 of minimum 3 hours. Plus $150 fee for miscellaneous items

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