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Dr Sonya Brownie
DipAppScNat(AcadNatTher), GradDipSc(Otago University), PhD(SCU)
Current Appointment: Senion Lecturer
Organisational Unit: School of Health & Human Sciences - Lismore

Telephone: 02 6620 3948
Facsimile: 02 6620 3307
Mobile: 0406029216
Location: Z Block (Z2-45)
Campus: Lismore

Sonya’s doctoral project was a large, national study that examined dietary supplement utilisation, nutritional risk and physical activity patterns in older Australians. This work gave rise to several publications in peer-reviewed journals, and she is now recognised as an expert in the field of complementary medicines usage in the older age group. She has contributed a chapter about older peoples’ use of supplements for an international book about nutrition and ageing. As her resume shows her interest in older people extends beyond just their supplement usage. She has published, and given public presentations, on a broad range of topics concerning the health and wellbeing of older people. She is unit assessor for several ‘ageing’ units, across the post graduate and undergraduate programs. Currently she is involved in a two major projects; 1) an investigation of the determinants of health behaviour in older residents in the local area, and 2) an evaluation of the benefits to both staff and residents in Eden Alternative aged care facilities. Sonya is dedicated to promoting healthy ageing as an attainable goal for older Australians, and in supporting older people to construct and pursue meaningful lives.

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