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Dr Steven Purcell
BSc(Hons)(JCU), PhD(JCU)
Current Appointment: Senior Lecturer
Organisational Unit: National Marine Science Centre

Telephone: int +61 2 6648 3924
Facsimile: +61 2 6651 6580
Mobile: int+ 687 748882
Location: Coffs Harbour, NSW
Campus: NMSC, Coffs Harbour

Steve is a Senior Research Fellow within the School of Environment, Science and Engineering through SCU’s National Marine Science Centre at Coffs Harbour. He is a member of the Marine Ecology Research Centre (MERC) at SCU.

Steve's research specialises on aquaculture, fisheries management, fisheries ecology and trade of sea cucumbers in the Indo-Pacific, in partnership with agencies including ACIAR, FAO, and the SPC. He is responsible for developing and leading research projects in fisheries ecology. His current project, funded by ACIAR, is testing the impacts of helping artisanal fishers in Pacific Islands to improve the postharvest processing of sea cucumbers for export. His responsibilities include supervision of post-graduate students.

Steve’s research spans a range of ecological and biological fields, published in several books, book chapters and over 40 scientific research articles.

Recent books:
Processing sea cucumbers into beche-de-mer: a manual for Pacific Island fishers
Commercially important sea cucumbers of the world
Managing sea cucumber fisheries with an ecosystem approach

Latest journal articles are:
Driving small-scale fisheries in developing countries
Defining critical habitats of threatened and endemic reef fishes with a multivariate approach
Governance structures and sustainability in Indian Ocean sea cucumber fisheries
Value, market preferences and trade of beche-de-mer from Pacific Island sea cucumbers
The cost of being valuable: predictors of extinction risk in marine invertebrates exploited as luxury seafood
Constraints and solutions to managing Pacific sea cucumber fisheries with an ecosystem approach
Opportunistic exploitation: an overlooked pathway to extinction
Sea cucumber fisheries: global analysis of stocks, management measures and drivers of overfishing

Training video:
Processing sea cucumbers: A training DVD for Pacific Island fishers

List of publications and access

Steve is an Associate Editor for the journal Frontiers in Marine Science

Steve areas of expertise are:
• Stock enhancement, restocking and sea ranching
• Sea cucumber ecology, aquaculture and fisheries management
• Small-scale and artisanal fisheries
• Ecology and restocking of tropical topshell (Trochus)
• Tagging methods for marine invertebrates
• Sampling and experimental design
• Reef fish ecology

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