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Regional Food Network

Regional Food Network Banner The Regional Food Network (RFN) is a network of scholars and practitioners interested in regional food systems and cultures. Hosted by Southern Cross University, the RFN is focused on the development of multidisciplinary, collaborative, knowledge-driven partnerships within and across regions in the Asia Pacific.


  • Collaboration: within and across disciplines;
  • Partnership: within and across universities and partner organisations;
  • Scholarship: for the development and exchange of relevant knowledge;
  • Sustainability: as a context for contemporary food systems and cultures.


  • Connect research interests across a range of disciplines into a facilitated network;
  • Promote the exchange of scholarship and practice in regional food systems and cultures;
  • Develop focused, collaborative, knowledge-driven partnerships;Harness the strengths of universities to support sustainable food systems and cultures in regions;
  • Build the interest and capacity of researchers to participate in RFN initiatives.


Locale: the Pacific Journal of Regional Food Studies

Locale is an open-access, peer-refereed biannual online journal that addresses aspects of regional food production, processes and culture at the local or regional level in an Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Island context.

Regional Food Cultures and Networks Conference

Launched in 2011, the annual 'Regional Food Cultures and Networks Conference' brought together academics, businesses, community organisations, producers, educators and all those who valued the integrated development of regional foodways. It is focused on creating opportunities for scholars, practitioners, business people and policy makers to better to understand the complex interplay of region, food, culture and community.

Food on Our Minds Seminar Series

These quarterly seminars create a space for dialogue, exchange and connection between members of the Regional Food Network. Each seminar focuses on a specific aspect of food inquiry at Southern Cross University to build understanding, collaboration and support across the diversity of disciplines and interests within the Network.

Northern Rivers Regional Food Network

The Northern Rivers node of the Regional Food Network is focused on articulating a series of collaborative projects through identifying synergies between Southern Cross University research interests and regional priorities as identified by partner organisations.

Le Cordon Bleu Master of Gastronomic Tourism

A flagship post graduate course delivered in partnership with Le Cordon Bleu, the Master of Gastronomic Tourism combines an academic approach to understanding food and drink within historical, cultural, and contemporary contexts, integrated with tourism business management applications.

Food Research at SCU

Food Research at SCU occurs across disciplines and themes for example food consumption, food security, structural arrangements around food, food production, and food sustainability.

  • Consumption

    Identities and practice - Value-add tourism - Cultural politics of food - Role of media - Gastronomy - Influence on food choice - Local markets - Educating consumers - Marketing strategies.
  • Production

    Supply chain management - Small to medium enterprise - Crops (eg banana, macadamia, rice)- Diversification (e.g. tourism) - Influence on farmer choice (crop selection, marginalised crops, land use - size & impact, socio-economics, livelihoods) - History of food production - Rights of plant breeders - Human resources - Aquaculture - Plant science (bush & wild foods, food quality, rice, new foods eg seaweed, environmentally appropriate foods).
  • Security

    Regional strengths - Food bowl feasibility for the Northern Rivers (capacity, soil resources, land and water availability, value add potential, salinity issues) - Appropriate food chain length - Nutritional needs of the aged.
  • Structure

    Regulations - Rights - Geographical indicators - Shortening food chain - Agricultural biodiversity - Alternative food systems.
  • Sustainability

    Energy and food systems - Ecological Economics - Fuel use and transport - Land management - Land degradation - Social dimensions of land use - Succession planning - Organics - Impacts of distribution - Education & communication.

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RFN email list

The Regional Food Network has a moderated email forum to publicise events, publications and issues of interest. To subscribe to the RFN email list send an email to