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SCU Partner Network

The SCU Partner Network comprises the web of relationships connecting SCU to communities within our regional footprint. The Network is critical to our ability to understand and enhance our contribution to the sustainable development of our regions, to align our research and teaching strengths for mutual benefit and to fulfil our mission to "create and apply knowledge in partnership with our communities in fields that are regionally relevant and globally significant".

The SCU Partner Network is a collective of organisations with shared interests in the role that learning and research plays in the development of vibrant, resilient and sustainable communities. Through the Network, discover new collections and collaborative opportunities through a place-based network that spans sectors and disciplines.


The SCU Partner Network is characterised by the following principles:

  • Place-based and distinctive: The Network comprises many different regional communities each of which brings a unique set of assets and opportunities. It enables the development of place-based initiatives that address distinct regional priorities.
  • Regional and connected: The Network is focused on regional Australia. It connects our partners across and throughout our regions to identify and address the priorities necessary for the creation of vibrant, healthy and sustainable communities in each region.
  • Facilitated: The Network is coordinated by a team of Engagement Facilitators based at each campus in the Sustainability, Partnerships and Community Engagement team. The Engagement Facilitators have responsibility for strategic relationship development and partner liaison to increase connectivity and alignment with SCU's strategic priorities, research and teaching strengths.
  • Connectivity and mutual benefit: The focus of the Network is to enhance relationships and further develop connectivity between the University and our communities in areas of mutual interest and benefit.
  • Partnership driven: The Network is focused on realising the important role that collaborative relationships play in creating authentic education experiences and relevant research and knowledge. It acknowledges the central role that partnership plays in the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge between the University and communities.

As a regional university, relationships and connections are critical to all that we do. As facilitators, we act as catalysts for connection and collaboration.

The hallmark of engagement in higher education is "...the development of partnerships that ensure a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge between the university and the community" (Holland and Ramaley 2008, p. 33).

Collaboration and partnership with our communities is key to creating authentic education experiences and relevant research and knowledge. Through all that we do, we strive to enrich our partnerships through scholarship and vice versa. Simply put, we can do more together better.

SPaCE facilitates connection and collaboration with organisations across the Mid North Coast, Northern Rivers and Gold Coast regions. This includes nurturing and supporting partnerships with all local government agencies, Regional Development Australia committees, peak representative organisations, community organisations and all tiers of government.

Holland, B. & Ramaley, J. (2008). Creating a Supportive Environment for Community University Engagement: Conceptual Frameworks, in Engaging Communities: Proceedings of the 31st HERDSA Annual Conference, Rotorua, 1-4 July 2008, pp. 11-25.

Further information

Please Contact the SPaCE team to discuss any aspect of community engagement at Southern Cross University.