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Learning Outcomes and Graduate Attributes

Learning outcomes are statements of learning achievement that are expressed in terms of what the learner is expected to know, understand and be able to do on completion of a unit (subject) or an entire course. Learning outcomes are an integral part of unit design.

At SCU, these outcomes are aligned with graduate attributes, which describe the attitudes, behaviours, values and ethics built into the learning process that are often similar as those expected in a professional capacity.

The learning outcomes and associated graduate attributes guide students on what is expected of them, as they work through the unit topics.

Learning outcomes and to a lesser extent graduate attributes, allow academics to compare learning content between units and courses to assess recognition of prior learning, through the Advanced Standing process and to establish credit transfer arrangements (Pathways and Qualification Credit Linkages) via the Articulation process.

The academic evidence needed for Articulation or supporting documents provided by applicants/students for Advanced Standing, focuses on addressing the learning outcomes associated with the unit topics in the SCU course for which recognition of prior learning is sought.

The evidence needs to discuss and provide contextual examples to demonstrate what is known, understood and can be consistently performed.

Locating learning outcomes and graduate attributes

View the units of study available within the applicable SCU Course by selecting the preferred course, followed by the 'Course structure' tab. Scroll beyond the Specific Course Rules to see the Schedule of Units. There will be core (compulsory Part A) units of study. Some courses also have major/specialisation and/or elective (unit options in Parts B, C or D). These are the units that a student will choose from, when establishing their personal study plan.

They are also the units that an applicant/student will review to evaluate if they already know and understand the unit topics, can perform the learning outcomes and produce sufficient evidence to support an application for Advanced Standing.

Click on any unit (in the course specific Schedule of Units) or perform an SCU Unit Search. View learning outcomes and associated graduate attributes by selecting the heading 'Learning outcomes and graduate attributes'.

Graduate Attribute Report

Where no internet access is available, contact us to request a copy of the learning outcomes and graduate attributes within particular units.

Alternatively, request a copy of the course Graduate Attribute Report, obtained from within the SCU Unit and Course Management System (UCMS). This report contains all of the core unit learning outcomes and graduate attributes within a particular SCU course.

How do SCU staff access the Graduate Attribute Report?

From within the SCU Unit and Course Management System (UCMS):

  1. Select 'Reports' from the menu;
  2. Select 'Graduate Attribute Report';
  3. Click on the magnifying glass next to 'Course Code' and search for the required course;
  4. Select 'ULOs' from the 'Expand' drop-down; and
  5. Click the 'Export' button.

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