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AQF Vocational Qualification Credit Linkages

Southern Cross University (SCU) provides a range of vocational education and training (VET) pathways to university from some Nationally accredited courses and qualifications within discipline related Australian Training Packages.

These AQF VET Qualification Credit Linkages (AQF VET linkages) facilitate entry (admission) and/or credit for prior learning (advanced standing) into a range of SCU courses for any person holding the specific accredited course award or qualification, regardless of how or where the learning occurred or which Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO) issued the qualification.

AQF VET linkages apply for Australian, New Zealand and international graduates of an Australian RTO, even if the learning occurred overseas (off-shore), or online, by distance education.

Where the SCU course displays a CRICOS course code, AQF VET linkages also apply to international graduates of an Australian RTO where the learning occurred in Australia (on-shore).

What does this mean for Australian RTOs?

VET Qualification Credit Linkages can be actively marketed and promoted as a pathway to University by any Australian RTO that has one or more of the VET courses/qualifications on their scope of registration that is approved for linkage by SCU.

What AQF VET linkages are approved by SCU?

View the AQF VET Qualification Credit Linkages document for specific credit details approved into a range of SCU undergraduate courses:
PDF AQF VET Qualification Credit Linkages

Refine your search by study discipline

Study DisciplineSCU CoursesAQF VET linkages Document Download
Community Services, Social Sciences and WelfareBachelor of Social Sciences; Bachelor of WelfarePDF Social Sciences and Welfare linkages
Arts, Society, History, Politics, Communication and CultureBachelor of ArtsPDF Arts linkages
Creative Arts and CultureBachelor of Creative ArtsPDF Creative Arts linkages
Digital Media, Visual Communication and DesignBachelor of Digital Media and CommunicationsPDF Digital Media and Communications linkages
Music Performance and Education, Songwriting and Sound ProductionBachelor of MusicPDF Music linkages
Teaching and EducationBachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (Primary/Early Childhood), (Primary); and (Primary/Secondary)PDF Teaching and Education linkages
Tourism, Hospitality, Hotel and Event ManagementBachelors of Business in Convention and Event Management, Hotel Management, International Hospitality Management and Tourism and Hospitality ManagementPDF Tourism and Hospitality Management linkages
Health, Clinical Sciences, Nursing and Sport and Exercise ScienceAssociate Degree of Health; and the Bachelors in Nursing, Midwifery, Occupational Therapy, Pedorthics, Podiatry, Speech Pathology, Biomedical Science, Psychological Science and Sport and Exercise SciencePDF Health and Human Sciences linkages
Law and JusticeAssociate Degree in Law (Paralegal Studies); and the Bachelor of Legal and Justice StudiesPDF Law and Justice linkages
Business, Management, leadership and AdministrationAssociate Degree of Business; and the Bachelors of Business and Business AdministrationPDF Business Management and Administration linkages
Aviation ManagementBachelor of Business, majoring in Aviation ManagementPDF Aviation Management linkages
Accounting and FinanceBachelor of AccountingPDF Financial Accounting linkages
Information TechnologyAssociate Degree of Information Technology; and the Bachelor of Information TechnologyPDF Information Technology linkages
Environmental Science and EngineeringAssociate Degree of Science; and the Bachelors of Forest Science and Management and Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical EngineeringPDF Science, Forest Science and Engineering linkages

The AQF VET Qualification Credit Linkages into the Bachelor of Indigenous Knowledge and the Bachelor of Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing are currently being established and will appear soon.

Applying for advanced standing at SCU

For further information view Recognition of Prior Learning (Advanced Standing) and Apply for Advanced Standing.

What if future students are still unsure about studying at Uni?

For more tips regarding transitional support to University view: SCU Connect and prepare.

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