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Review and Amend Linkages and Pathways

Request Pathways Reports

Southern Cross University publishes reports about our current pathway and qualification linkage arrangements which can be accessed via: Explore Credit Arrangements

Please direct any queries about these reports to the Project Coordinator, Office of the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor - see contact details below.

Review and Amendment of Current Arrangements

Pathway and qualification linkage arrangements are monitored and periodically evaluated according to:

  • currency and industry relevance;
  • sustainability and continued alignment with the University's operational, fiscal and strategic objectives;
  • qualitative benchmarks and legislative requirements;
  • stakeholder feedback; and
  • system reports identifying the mobility and academic success of students studying through articulation linkages and pathways to ensure that their progress is not significantly different than that of other students.

The review and amendment of pathway and qualification linkage arrangements is triggered by (but is not limited to):

  • development of a new SCU course;
  • any SCU course amendment that alters units or learning within units forming part of articulation arrangements or withdrawal of an existing SCU course which forms part of approved arrangements;
  • changes to external professional recognition/accreditation of an SCU award that impacts on the amount and type of credit that may be awarded;
  • notification of new or amended course from an organisation that is party to an Agreement;
  • development of a new or review of a current National Training Package for which linkage or pathway credit arrangements are approved at, the database on Vocational Education and Training in Australia (or similar prescriptive curriculum standards);
  • Agreement review process which are system driven. For example, 6 month expiry alert; and
  • any legislative requirement.

Please direct requests for review and amendment to the Project Coordinator, Office of the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor - see contact details below.

In order for the University to consider continuance, quality requirements and inclusion of any new terms and pathway arrangements, further information may be required. The Project Coordinator will provide any necessary information and forms and will advise regarding their completion and submission timelines.

Extension or Cancellation of Agreement Arrangements

The 'Terms of the Agreement' note the duration of pathway arrangements and identify the circumstances whereby an Agreement may be cancelled or extended.

For assistance please contact: Nicole Cooper, Project Coordinator, Office of the Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor,
Lismore, F Block - level 3 F3.06.

t: +61 2 6626 9591 OR 0421 270 827

For quality, and compliance issues email the Office of Planning, Quality and Review or telephone a member of staff within this office

Still have questions, contact us,