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Market and Promote Linkages and Pathways

Increasingly, people select a TAFE, private college or workplace on the substance of pre-determined entry and/or credit pathways to University. For example, around one in four people study a vocational qualification as a means of qualifying for university.

How can SCU support the promotion of pathways and linkages?

At SCU up to half of our students have successfully undertaken learning elsewhere, which is why we cooperate with other organisations to:

  • develop media campaigns that promote student pathway opportunities and testimonials;
  • implement seamless co-offer, admission and transitional support processes for pathway students;
  • promote pathway options and benefits to the wider community through publications, our industry partnerships, visiting secondary schools, participating in careers expos and hosting course events and information sessions; and
  • refer to pathway arrangements when guiding students to plan and diversify their study and career options within admission, orientation, credit application (advanced standing), unit selection (enrolment) and graduation experiences;

How to obtain promotional materials about SCU courses

SCU course information is available at SCU Courses. use URL:

It includes the following:

  • Course Overview;
  • Learning Support;
  • Course Structure, possible units (subjects) and recommended unit progression; and
  • How to Apply.

To order printed promotional materials about SCU courses:


SCU course materials are issued on agreement to only promote the SCU courses using materials provided or authorised by Southern Cross University.

How to market and promote SCU Pathways and Linkages

SCU entry and/or credit arrangements (articulation pathways or linkages) are published at

To be able to market and promote an SCU approved pathway or linkage (articulation arrangement) using the SCU logo, please email your request to:

Please attach:

  • the agreement or letter that SCU provided to confirm the pathway or linkage arrangements existing between our organisations; and
  • a draft of the pathway/linkage promotional information that is planned for publication.

Please note: SCU Pathway and linkage credit arrangements are fluid. When referring to any approved credit arrangement/s within a website or other publication, a link to the most current SCU approved pathway or linkage arrangements must appear.

The SCU URL that should be used to link to the most current pathway or linkage arrangements is listed in the SCU agreement or letter of confirmation.

An example of how to refer to SCU approved pathway or linkage arrangements is below:

(organisation name) has approved articulation arrangements with Southern Cross University (SCU), recognising the learning that students complete within the following (organisation name) courses for entry into discipline related SCU courses, with maximum credit for prior learning:

Organisation courseSCU course**Credit amount
BSB50215 Diploma of Business3002100 Bachelor of Business; or 3001145 Bachelor of Business Administration 8 units, of a total of 24 (33% of the course)

**If available to International students studying in Australia, the SCU course CRICOS codes must appear.

For confirmation of applicable credits into SCU courses view:

What benefits do pathways and linkages afford?

Pathways and linkages:

  • facilitate life-long-learning;
  • are structured to enable non-traditional entry to Higher Education by elevating a person's university selection rank on the basis of their prior learning;
  • stipulate credit for prior learning, allowing a person to better plan their study and career path in advance
  • provide greater support for people transitioning between different academic levels, cultures and technologies;
  • reduce the overall cost and duration of a degree;
  • allow for the building of academic skills and confidence progressively over time;
  • allow TAFE and college graduates to use their vocational knowledge and skills to work their way through their degree; and
  • reward a person with multiple qualifications in the shortest possible time, providing opportunity for wider employment options, promotion and greater remuneration.

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