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SCU Pathway Arrangements

Your University Pathway

Your current circumstances, personal and career goals and other factors such as your past academic performance, SCU course entry requirements and any amount of credit for prior learning you might be entitled to receive will influence the course or series of courses you choose - your study and career path.

These factors vary from person to person but, no matter what your circumstances, Southern Cross University (SCU) can help you build a career profile from your natural skills and talents and examine your options so you can confidently plan your study and career path in advance.

SCU also provides a range of Qualification Linkage and Pathway models facilitating entry (admission) and/or credit for prior learning (advanced standing) into SCU courses.

These linkages and pathways are:

  • an excellent bridge between school, TAFE, college and university;
  • a supportive learning option to boost your academic skills, confidence and university selection rank;
  • a smart way to earn multiple qualifications in the shortest possible time;
  • a means of increasing your employability and lifetime earning capacity;
  • an ability to work your way through your degree using your vocational work based skills; and
  • an opportunity to recognise learning experiences already mastered to save on tuition fees and cut months or years off your degree.

SCU internal pathways can also take you between SCU courses in the shortest possible time while reciprocal pathways can take you from SCU courses into courses offered by other educational organisations in Australia and overseas.

Guaranteed entry @ SCU

If you hold a current Australian Certificate III or higher qualification (or an equivalent overseas qualification), you have already shown your commitment to learning. Because you are likely to be a good university candidate if you meet the University's minimum English language requirements you are guaranteed entry into an SCU course and a place of study at university.

Credit for related prior learning @ SCU

To help you select the course or series of courses you might study, SCU has evaluated some tertiary qualifications/courses delivered by the SCU College and Schools, TAFE and other Australian and overseas educational institutes to determine the equivalence in content and learning outcomes to related SCU courses and to identify how much credit you may receive for your prior learning.

If you can not identify your previous tertiary qualification/course or educational organisation within the SCU approved linkage and pathway arrangements

and you believe you have completed prior learning that is similar to the content of one or more units (subjects) within an SCU course, you should still apply to have your prior learning assessed via our Advanced Standing Process.

Explore SCU Qualification Linkage and Pathway Arrangements

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) at SCU

Help to plan your study and career path

Developing Pathways and Linkages with SCU

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Updated: 25 June 2014