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Preparing for Success at SCU Program (PSP) 2017

The Preparing for Success at SCU Program (PSP) is completed full time over 12 weeks or part time within one year. The course equips students with study skills for success at university. Students who complete PSP can proceed directly to a SCU degree with the confidence that they are well-prepared to embark on further study.

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Preparing for Success at SCU Program

Where will
I study?

What will
it cost?

What will
I study?

Where will
it lead?

How to

Where will I study?

PSP is offered at all campuses: Lismore, Coffs Harbour and Gold Coast and online. The course commences each session in February, July and November.

See Teaching Calendar for dates.

What will it cost?

The course is free with no fees. Students only need to be prepared to pay their living costs and to purchase learning materials such as a calculator.

What will I study?

Students study three (3) core units and one of two possible elective units; four units in all.

The compulsory units cover the topics of communication, study and numeracy skills, which prepare students well for future university studies.

Where will it lead?

Successful completion of the Preparing for Success at SCU Program guarantees entry into a SCU undergraduate award at either the associate degree or degree level. For degrees which have limited places available, your acceptance into these degrees will depend on how well you performed in the PSP units you completed.

How to apply

Apply Online now

You can apply directly to the University by clicking the Apply Online button.

Please note that the application process requires you to submit a Personal Competencies Statement where you address six questions:

  1. What practical steps have you taken to prepare for tertiary study?
  2. Why have you chosen your preferred course?
  3. What have you done that demonstrates you have the capacity for independent study/learning?
  4. What communication and interpersonal skills have you developed and how will these contribute to your ability to study at tertiary level?
  5. What are your major life achievements and experiences, and how many these relate to your future success in tertiary study?
  6. What skills, knowledge and abilities do you bring to tertiary study that you believe will help you succeed in your proposed studies?

The Personal Competencies Statement can be handwritten or word processed (typed). If you handwrite it and have access to a scanner, you can scan it and upload it to your online application. If you are word processing it, you can save it to your computer and upload it to the online application. You can complete the online application and send the Personal Competencies Statement in later, but your application will be processed slower.

How to apply for your undergraduate degree post PSP

On successful completion of the Preparing for Success at SCU Program you can apply online direct to SCU for the undergraduate degree of your choice. Applications are made via My Enrolment. You will need your Student ID and password to login.