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Southern Cross Plant Science

Seminar Series 2017

Jan25, 11.00Prof. Rainer HendrichVenus flytrap plant on animal dietUniversity of Würzburg, GermanyY2.11
Feb13, 12.00Kwanho JeongPhosphorus remobilisation during grain filling in riceSCPSY2.11
Feb16, 11.00Mahmudur RhamanCharacterizing Brassica seed storage protein mutants to enhance the nutritional value of the seed SCPS PhD student Y2.11
Mar1, 12.00Anders ClaassensBalance and trade: charting the course of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis in sugarcaneSCPS MSc studentY2.11
Mar9, 11.00Andrew CroakerAn analysis of black salve as a skin cancer therapeuticSCPS PhD studentS2.03
Mar15, 12.00Kirsty LangdonUnravelling the genetics of macadamia: integration of linkage and genome mapsSCPS PhD studentS2.03