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Southern Cross Plant Science

Honours Projects

SCPS offer the opportunity to carry out Honours research projects within a vibrant and interdisciplinary research environment. Students are enrolled with the School of Environment, Science & Engineering.

The following project areas are available in 2014-2015.

  • Understanding the role of epidermal bladder cells of the halophyte Mesembryanthemum crystallinum in relation to heat dissipation and cell sap antimicrobial activity. Contact Dr Bronwyn Barkla
  • Evaluation of the genetic variability in oxalate concentration in the emerging native plant food Tetragonia tetragonioides. Contact Dr Bronwyn Barkla
  • Assessing pollen flow in Macadamia plantations. Contact Dr Cathy Nock
  • Genetic consequences of planting hybrid eucalypts for forestry. Contact Dr Cathy Nock
  • Upland tea tree: an underexplored resource for the domestication of Melaleuca alternifolia. Contact Dr Merv Shepherd
  • Development of high throughput method for quantification of phytate in cereal grains. Contact Dr Ben Liu
  • Determine the genetic and environmental influence to rice starch lysophospholipids. Contact Dr Ben Liu
  • Do legume cover crops reduce nitrous oxide emissions compared to nitrogen fertilisers?. Contact Dr Terry Rose
  • Ammonia and nitrous oxide losses from chicken manure. Contact Dr Terry Rose
  • The impact of nitrogen and phosphorus on oil yield and quality in tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia). Contact Dr Terry Rose
  • Impact of N fertilizer on rice grain storage proteins. Contact Dr Dan Waters
  • Rice grain storage proteins and their impact on rice eating quality. Contact Dr Dan Waters
  • Genetic characterisation of industrial hemp germplasm (with Scholarship). Contact Prof. Graham King
  • Phenotypic characterisation of industrial hemp genetic resources (with Scholarship). Contact Prof. Graham King
  • Optimisation of CropStoreDB: interactive database and interface for Crop Genetics. Contact Dr Abdul Baten
  • Computational gene identification in subtropical rainforest species. Contact Dr Abdul Baten
  • Plant comparative genomics. Contact Dr Abdul Baten

Information on eligibility and other information on Honours enrolment in the School of Environment, Science & Engineering.