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Southern Cross Plant Science

Analytical Research Laboratory

SCPS Analytical Research Laboratory

The Analytical Research Laboratory of Southern Cross Plant Science is TGA accredited and specialises in chemical analysis of plant products and other biological substances. The group provides research support services to researchers at Southern Cross University and collaborating academic and commercial institutions.

Services include:

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Frequently asked questions

Q: I have a product that I would like to be tested for Stability Studies. Do you conduct Stability Trials?
A: Yes. ARL has temperature and humidity-controlled stability chambers in which we are able to store client samples over the required period of time to satisfy shelf-life studies.
Q: What type of information do I need to provide to be able to receive a quote for a Stability Trial?
A: Please provide:

  • Name of product
  • Length of Stability Trial
  • Required temperature conditions for trial (if you're unsure, it is helpful to include the product's target country from which the appropriate conditions can be ascertained)
  • Type of product (eg. capsule, tablet, herbal liquid extract, whole dried plant, cream, oil etc)
  • Amount of product per container (eg. number of tablets per bottle, grams per jar)
  • Tests required
  • Time points required (and which tests are required at each time point)
Q: Is ARL authorised to act as a Stability Trial consultant?
A: No. Our field of expertise specifically deals with conducting stability trials under the required conditions and the accurate reporting of results. We are not authorised to provide advice or interpretation of data to be applied in product development as it relates to therapeutic guidelines and regulations.