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Southern Cross Plant Science

Dr Mervyn Shepherd

Merv Shepherd

Research Fellow

t: +61 2 6620 3412
f: +61 2 6622 2080

Assoc.Dip in Rur.Tech, (Queensland Agricultural College)
BSc (1st Hons) Botany (University of Queensland)
PhD Botany (University of Queensland)

Research interests/background

Dr Shepherd's research interests are in the application of molecular genetics to forest species to support improvement or management of forest resources.

Current research projects include genetic mapping and marker-trait cosegregation analysis of vegetative propagation characters in Corymbia (formerly Eucalyptus) hybrids, population structure and diversity of in the spotted gums, gene pool management and risk assessment in Corymbia spp., and to study molecular variation in genes involved in lignin biosynthesis.

A focus of Dr Shepherd's work over the past 13 years has been the use of species' hybrids to elucidate the genetic architecture of traits of interest to forestry and as a system to study genome organisation and evolution.

Other activities

  • Invited paper to Eucalypt Comparative Genomics workshop at the International Botanical Conference, Melbourne, July 2011
  • Invited workshop facilitator, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Kebangsaan, Malaysia, Nov 2004
  • Invited workshop facilitator at Conifer microsatellite Workshop, Institute of Plant Genomics, Texas A&M University, 2001
  • 2009- Member of scientific committee for Australian Forest Genetics Conference Perth April 2009
  • 2007- Present Southern Cross University's Education representative for the CRC for Forestry
  • 2000- Present Member of Southern Cross University's Institutional Biosafety Committee.

Research grants awarded in past 5 years

  • 2007 Internal, University funded, Graduate Research College grant for MSc Student $10,000AUD



Book Chapters

  • Raymond, C. A., M. Henson, et al. (2009). Quantitative and molecular genetic control of wood properties and chemistry in Eucalyptus pilularis. Proc. University of Canterbury, Wood Technology Research Centre Workshop "Revisiting Eucalypts 2009". L. Apiolaza, S. Chauhan and J. C. F. Walker, February 12, 2009, Christchurch, New Zealand: 13-28.
  • Shepherd, M., M. Dieters, et al. (2009). Genetic control and architecture of adventitious rooting in forest trees. Adventitious root formation of forest trees and horticultural woody plants - from genes to applications. K. Niemi.
  • Shepherd, M. and M. Jones (2004). Molecular Markers in Tree Improvement: Characterisation and Use in Eucalyptus. Molecular Marker Systems in Plant Breeding and Crop Improvement. H. Lorz and G. Wenzel. Heidelberg, Springer-Verlag. 55: 399-409.


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Conference Abstracts

  • Shepherd M (2012) Gene flow risk assessment for Corymbia citriodora subspecies variegata. In 'Gene flow from planted eucalypts CRC Forestry Annual Science meeting', 5th April 2012, Mantra Hotel Mooloolaba Queensland
  • Shepherd M (2012) Genetics research in subtropical hardwoods at SCU. In 'CRC Forestry Program 2: Managing thinning and wood quality in subtropical eucalypts', 9-10 May 2012, Invercald House, Lismore
  • Shepherd M, King G, Lee D (2013) Prolonging juvenility to improve rooting in eucalypts. In 'FIRC Meeting', 22 Nov 2013, Ecosciences Precinct
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