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Southern Cross Plant Science

Dr Lei (Ben) Liu

Ben Liu

Research Fellow

t: +61 2 6622 3211 (73293, internal)
f: +61 2 6622 3459
m: +61 0401581714

Most up-to-date information:

B. Engineering (Beijing University of Technology)
Grad Cert for Research Management (Southern Cross University)
PhD in Phytochemistry (Southern Cross University)

Research interests/background

Lei Liu has completed his PhD 'Phytochemical and Pharmacological Perspectives of Wheat Grain and Lupin Seed' in 2010. He has wide interest in biological active phytochemicals, related to cereal chemistry, lupin, sugar cane, cotton, cocoa, grape fruit, seaweed, Australian native plants, Chinese traditional medicine and natural pesticides. He has proven expertise in the isolation and identification of bioactive secondary metabolites using bioactivity-guided fractionation.

He has carried out a serial projects funded by Cooperative Research Centres (CRC), including GrainFoods, Sugarcane and Cotton CRCs and Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). He has devoted himself to study health promoting functional food and nutraceuticals, and environmentally sustainable agriculture. Current research is focused on "High Value Bio-extractives and Bioethanol from Cotton Gin Trash" funded by Australia Cotton Research and Development Corporation.


  • $8,000, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of P.R. China, 2016 Introduce Intelligence Project:"Developing new LC-MS/MS method for the analysis of protein and lipid composition in rice" at Academy of State Administration of Grain, P.R. China. Dr Lei Liu
  • $6,000, Southern Cross University, 2016 Research Seed Grants, "Understanding variation of different lipids in rice endosperm", Dr Lei Liu
  • $3,000, Southern Cross University, 2015 Research Seed Grants, "Unravelling biochemical basis of low Gylcemic Index (GI) rice", Dr Lei Liu
  • $428,783, Cotton Research and Development Corporation "High Value Bio-extractives and Bioethanol from Cotton Gin Trash" 2014-2017 (Dr S. Mclntosh, Dr. T. Vancov, Dr L. Liu, Dr I. O'Hara)
  • $18,000. NSW Trade & Investment's TechVouchers "Medicinal mushroom mycelia grown on food substrades: Examination of phytochemical and nutritional quality" 2014 (Dr L. Liu, Prof. G. King)
  • $476,204. Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Carbon Farming Initiative Action on the Ground program Round 2 "Reducing N2O emissions in subtropical plantation crops using inter-row legumes" 2013-2016 (Dr T. Rose, Dr L. Liu, Dr C. Raymond)
  • $397,000. Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation "Defining the link between rice grain protein profiles and rice grain quality" 2013-2016 (Dr D. Waters, Prof. G. King, Dr C. Raymond, Dr T. Rose, Dr L. Liu, Dr R. Ward)
  • $44,940 Department of Industry's Australia-China Science and Research Fund "Develop a strategic collaboration between Zhejiang University and Huazhong Agricultural University in major food crop seed grain composition and nutritional quality" 2013-2014 (Prof. G. King, Dr L. Liu, Dr D. Waters, Dr T. Rose)
  • National Synchrotron Radiation Research Centre (Taiwan). "X-ray absorption spectroscopy to determine phosphorus speciation and potential bioavailability in biochar made from rice straw, poultry manure and wheat straw" 2013 (Dr L. Liu, Dr T. Rose, Prof. A. Rose)

Other activities

  • Invited and sponsored mentor, Facebook Open Academy, "Development of open-source software for HPLC fingerprinting of rice protein" (in collaboration with OpenChrom), University of California, San Diego, 2015
  • Invited and sponsored speaker, AACC International 2011 Annual Meeting, 'The inhibition of alpha-glucosidase by specific lipid components in wheat bran and germ', Palm Springs, California, U.S.A., 2011.3
  • Invited guest lecture, Southern Cross University, School Health and Human Science, Food Ecology unit 'Genetically Modified Foods', Lismore, Australia, 2013, 2014
  • Invited and sponsored speaker, International Seminar and Workshop on Chemistry and Educational Chemistry 'Genetic ', Pattimura University Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia, 2013.5


Refereed Journal Articles (* as corresponding author)

  • 26---*Andrew Croaker, Graham J. King, John Pyne, Shailendra Anoopkumar-Dukie, *Lei Liu (2017) A Review of Black Salve: Cancer Specificity, Cure and Cosmesis, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, in press.
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  • 15---Matthew T Welling, Lei Liu, Tim Shapter, Carolyn A. Raymond, *Graham J. King (2015) Characterisation of cannabinoid composition in a diverse Cannabis sativa L. germplasm collection, Euphytica, 28(3) 463-475.
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Conference Submissions

  • *Liu L. Rose T. J., Waters D. LE, Welling M. T., Julia C, King G. J., Presentation: Lysophospholipids in developing rice grain, 66th Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference, Tamworth, NSW, Australia 2016.
  • *Liu L. Guo Q., He Z., Xia X., Waters D. LE, Rose R. J., King G. J., Oral Presentation: Genotypic variation in wheat flour lysophospholipids and contribution to kernel hardness, 65th Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference, Sydney (Coogee), NSW, Australia 2015.
  • *Liu L., Chuan T., Bao J. S., Waters, D. L. E., Rose, T., King, G. J., Oral Presentation:Genotype screening of Starch Lysophospholipids in white Rice Using Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LCMS), 64th Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 2014.
  • *Liu L., Chuan T., Bao J. S., Waters, D. L. E., Rose, T., King, G. J., Poster Presentation: Direct Quantification of Rice Starch Phospholipids using LCMS, 63th Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia 2013.
  • *Liu L., Waters D. L. E., Rose, T. J., King, G. J., Poster Presentation: Improved Understanding of Phospholipids in Rice Grain for Crop Improvement, 62th Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia 2012.
  • *Liu L., Wang W. M., Sha, S., Shun, P., Yin G.L., Yu X. P., Oral Presentation: Investigation of Natural Fungicides in Trichoderma harzianum Broth, Royal Australian Chemical Institute: Natural Products Chemistry Group Annual Symposium, Macquarie University, North Ryde, 2010.
  • *Liu L., Deseo M. A., Thompson D., Wohlmuth H. and Leach D. N., Oral Presentation: Phytochemical and Pharmacological Aspects of Australian Bloodroots (Haemodorum spp.). Royal Australian Chemical Institute: Natural Products Chemistry Group Annual Symposium, University of Newcastle, Callaghan, 2009.
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  • *Liu L., Winter, K. M., Stevenson, L. M., Leach, D. N., Oral Presentation: Cytotoxic resorcinols from wheat bran. RACI Cereal Chemistry Division, 56th Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference, Fremantle, 2006 (sponsored).
  • *Winter, K. M., Liu L., Stevenson, L. M., Leach, D. N., Southan, M., Oral Presentation: Factors affecting antioxidant activity and glycemic index activity during the debranning process of wheat. RACI Cereal Chemistry Division, 56th Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference, Fremantle, 2006.
  • *Liu L., Winter, K., Stevenson, L. M., David Leach D. N., Poster Presentation: Cytotoxicity of Quinolizidine alkaloids from Lupins. Royal Australian Chemical Institute: Natural Products Chemistry Group Annual Symposium, Macquarie University, Sydney, 2005.