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Southern Cross Plant Science

Chuan Tong

Chuan Tong

PhD Candidate

t: +8615868887665

BSc in Horticulture, Zhejiang A & F University, Hangzhou, China
PhD in Biophysics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

Research interests/background

Presently, functional lipids in cereals have been paid increasing attention as their importance in grain quality and health benefit. However, lysophospholipids (LPLs) in rice endosperm are a class of underutilised lipid which often combine with starch to form an amylose-lipid complex, significantly affecting starch qualities. Thereby, his PhD research project focuses on the identification, genetic diversity of rice starch LPLs and their relations to grain qualities, to facilitate dissecting the genetic variation and underlying genetic controls of rice LPLs and clarifying the contributions of native LPLs to rice eating and cooking qualities and phosphorus metabolism. He is carrying out this project under an international collaboration between College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Zhejiang University and Southern Cross Plant Science, Southern Cross University.

In addition, he also interested in the genotypic environmental interaction on starch physicochemical properties, genetics, metabolism, biological functions and processing of other nutritional components in starchy grains.

Supervisors: Dr. Lei (Ben) Liu and Dr. Daniel Waters.