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Southern Cross Plant Science

Dr Bronwyn Barkla

Dr Bronwyn BarklaEducation:
BSc in Biology (University of Toronto)
MSc in Botany (University of Toronto)
PhD in Botany (University of Toronto)

Research interests/background

Plants are continually challenged to recognize and respond to adverse changes in their environment to avoid detrimental effects on growth and development.

Understanding the mechanisms that crop plants employ to resist and tolerate abiotic stress is of considerable interest for designing agriculture improvement strategies to ensure sustainable productivity.

Dr. Barkla has been applying proteomics technologies to advance our knowledge in plant abiotic stress tolerance using the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana in parallel with the salt-tolerant model plants Mesembryanthemum crystallinum and Thellungiella salsuginea, and the heavy metal tolerant plant Arabidopsis halleri. Recent work has focused on understanding the role and regulation of membrane proteins, with particular emphasis on transport proteins, in plant salt and heavy metal tolerance.

Additionally, research using "omics" approaches has been undertaken to gain further insight into the role of the specialized trichomes called epidermal bladder cells which are found on the leaves and stems of the ice plant, Mesembryanthemum crystallinum.

Research strengths include the fractionation of proteins to reduce sample complexity using non-traditional approaches including Free Flow Electrophoresis.

Other activities

  • Editorial Board Member - Journal of Agricultural Sciences
  • Special Issue Guest Editor - Journal of Proteomics
  • Educational Committee - International Plant Proteomics Organization
  • Peer Review Board Member - JoVE - Journal of Video Experiments


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