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Southern Cross Plant Science

Kwanho Jeong

Kwanho and friend

PhD Candidate

t: +61 2 6620 3576

BSc in Agriculture biology (Chonbuk national university, South Korea)
MSc in Agriculture (Chonbuk national university, South Korea)
MSc (2nd) in Plant health (SupAgro, France)

Research interests/background

Phosphorus (P) is a fundamentally essential nutrient for plant growth which cannot be synthesised unlike Nitrogen. Moreover the sole resource of P fertiliser, rock phosphate is getting depleted. Given the P scarcity and sustainability, it is important to use P more efficiently. Therefore, I am interested in recycling P within the plant, especially major cereal crop, rice (Oryza sativa L.). My PhD research project is aiming for understanding molecular regulation of P remobilisation during grain filling in rice. Ultimately, we would like to reduce the amount of P loading into grain which may impact on improving metabolically active P in vegetative tissue which results in enhancing energy metabolic process photosynthesis, thus grain yield as well as reducing P waste at grain harvest.

In order to achieve this goal, we need to understand the physiology mechanism and molecular regulation involved in P remobilisation during grain filling stage.

I am under taken this project supervised by Dr. Terry Rose and Dr. Daniel Waters at Southern Cross Plant Science and external supervisor Dr. Sigrid Heuer from Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics (ACPFG) in Adelaide.


  • Jeong K, Baten A, Pantoja O, Waters D, Heuer S, Wissuwa M, Kretzschmar T, Julia C, Rose T (2016) RNA-seq analysis of differentially expressed genes in rice flag leaves under restricted phosphorus supplies during rice grain filling. (In preparation).
  • Jeong K, Julia C, Waters D, Pantoja O, Heuer S, Wissuwa M, Liu L, Rose T (2016) Remobilisation of phosphorus fractions in rice flag leaves during grain filling under restricted phosphorus supply: implications for photosynthesis, grain yields and grain phosphorus levels. (To be submitted in June 2016).
  • Julia C, Wissuwa M, Kretzschmar T, Jeong K, Rose T. (2016). Phosphorus uptake, partitioning and redistribution during grain filling in rice. Annals of botany (Accepted with minor revisions).
  • Jeong K, Baten A, Waters D, Pantoja O, Julia C, Wissuwa M, Heuer S, Kretzschmar T, Rose T. (2016) Phosphorus remobilisation from rice flag leaves during grain filling: an RNA-seq study. Plant biotechnology journal.
  • Wang F, Rose T, Jeong K, Kretzschmar T, Wissuwa M. (2016). The known and unknown of P loading into grains - and implications for P efficiency in cropping system. Journal of experimental botany. 67(5), 1221-1229.
  • Vandamme E, Rose T, Saito K, Jeong K, Wissuwa M. (2016). Integration of P acquisition efficiency, P utilization efficiency and low grain P concentrations into P-efficient rice genotypes for specific target environments. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems. 104(3), 413-427.
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