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Courtney Mobbs - Testimonials

Professor Les Christidis, Courtney Mobbs and a representative for the Pisan Saran Charity
Professor Les Christidis, Dean of Graduate Studies at SCU and Courtney Mobbs and a representative for the Pisan Saran Charity.

I would like to first off thank you for your generosity and unwavering support throughout this last year. The money granted to me through this scholarship, allowed me to take some time off from work and be with family when it was most needed and for that I am extremely grateful. Not only has this scholarship allowed me to travel when needed, but also allowed me to place my studies at the forefront. The funds also aided in relieving the stress of purchasing items necessary for my course such as a laptop and multiple textbooks.

However, this scholarship has done much more for me than just provide financial relief. In times when university studies where the last thing that I wanted to do, I persevered. This scholarship has served as an encouragement not to give up and a motivator to be the best I could.

Courtney Mobbs