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Why Support Scholarships?

Margot Sweeny, CEO
"As the first Rising Stars Scholarship Sponsor, Summerland Credit union has had a long association with this program and is pleased to support young students with their studies. This program is an example of how our credit union, as part of the local community, can continue our commitment to providing real opportunities which will lead to the longer term benefit of our community."
Margot Sweeny, CEO
Summerland Credit Union

Rising Stars Scholarship supporters believe in the value of education.

Supporters are businesses, individuals, councils and community organisations that believe, as we do, that the students of today are Australia's future.

There are many different reasons to support the Rising Stars program. We invite you to be part of this important initiative.

  • Recognise, support and contribute to student achievement
  • Encourage students to stay at university to complete their degrees
  • Support excellence by enabling recipients to reduce working hours to concentrate on their study, assisting completion in a shorter time
  • Support the region: students who study in a region tend to stay after course completion and contribute economically and socially to the local community
  • Encourage local high school students to stay in the region to study
  • Engage in the life of Southern Cross University through events on campus
  • Embrace associated media and promotional opportunities
'The Rising Star Scholarship program has been an amazing experience! The staff are so friendly and helpful with any questions or concerns I have! As a third year law student juggling homework, assignments, and normal life the scholarship staff have been invaluable in making sure I didn't miss out on any much needed opportunities!

I would also like to thank my donors who have not only contributed money to the wonderful Rising Star Scholarship Program but have taken an interest in my future work options to make sure that I get the most out of my scholarship that I possibly can! This year my scholarship has gone towards petrol to make sure I can attend all my classes and textbooks which can be expensive (especially when you study full time).
Sigrid McKenna - SCU Bowen Scholarship