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The Rising Stars Scholarships Program

Southern Cross University recognises that each scholarship supporter has different reasons for supporting the Rising Stars program. For this reason, the program is flexible enough to support students across all disciplines at all stages of study.

Rising Stars Lismore Recipients 2014
Rising Stars Lismore Recipients 2014

What types of scholarships are available?

  • UNDERGRADUATE Support a commencing student or one progressing through their undergraduate studies
  • HONOURS Support a student in their Honours year undertaking a research thesis
  • MASTERS Scholarships Support a student through a two-year Masters degree

See 'Ways to support' for more information.

Rising Stars Coffs Harbour Recipients 2014
Rising Stars Coffs Harbour Recipients 2014


What is the value of Scholarships?

  • FULL SCHOLARSHIPS: $5,000 per year over 1-5 years
  • HALF SCHOLARSHIPS: $2,500 per year over 3-5 years

Donors who are able to contribute smaller amounts can choose between supporting the SCU-Bowen Fund or a prize/bursary.


Are naming rights available?

Naming rights are available for scholarships valued at $2500 per year and above.


Can a scholarship be tailored to a specific course/student?

We recommend keeping criteria as open as possible to ensure the largest field of applicants. As the Southern Cross University student population consists of only 20% school leavers, we recommend making scholarships available to high school leavers and mature age students.

Donors wishing to tailor scholarships are asked to focus on one main type of criteria, eg. by course such as any student commencing a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree.

Rising Stars Gold Coast Recipients 2014
Rising Stars Gold Coast Recipients 2014


What are the benefits of association for scholarship supporters?

Generally all scholarships are treated as donations and are therefore tax deductible.

The University seeks to provide recognition to our scholarship donors through:

  • Providing naming rights.
  • Listing scholarships available on the University website.
  • Inviting donors to an annual scholarship event to recognise the generosity of our supporters and give students the chance to personally express their appreciation.
  • Providing two annual scholarship updates to our supporters.
  • Inviting donors to University events where appropriate.
  • Supporting media promotion about scholarships in the region of coverage.


How are recipients selected?

The selection process is carried out by the University's Scholarships Office. The application process differs depending on the scholarship but generally students are required to complete an application form which enables them to be considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible. A shortlist and recommendation is provided to donors for endorsement prior to scholarships being offered.

What obligations are recipients required to meet?

Generally recipients must be studying full-time and on campus and maintain a pass or credit average grade. If the scholarship is for a specific course, the student can only continue to receive the scholarship while enrolled in that course. There are provisions for students who are struggling to meet the requirements of their scholarship or who choose to defer for one or two semesters. Students need to attend Scholarship Presentation ceremonies to receive first semester payments.

What happens if a scholarship recipient withdraws from their course?

The Scholarships Office works with the donor to identify a student who can complete the remaining term of the scholarship.


What courses of study are available at Southern Cross University?

Rising Stars - Malcolm Marshall Scholarship

"The Malcolm Marshall Scholarship has played a huge role in getting my finances on track for my daughter and myself. After I separated from my daughter's father, I was left with financial debt, as well as the sole care of my daughter. The Malcolm Marshall scholarship enabled me to regain my financial independence, therefore lifting the stress of my financial situation off my shoulders, allowing me to concentrate on my university studies, and I currently have a Distinction average. With my scholarship funds, I have been able to get my finances under control, purchase a new Apple Mac computer, and pay for child care for my daughter. I was successful in applying for an extremely competitive Internship at a local school, and because of the Malcolm Marshall scholarship, I was able to purchase appropriate professional interview and work attire. I also have savings now, which would not have been remotely possible without the scholarship funds.

At the end of Session 1, I was fortunate enough to meet my scholarship donors, Mr and Mrs Marshall, which resulted in their commitment to a fourth year of my scholarship term. This was totally unexpected and I am extremely grateful to them for their support, not just financially, but emotionally and academically. I was pleasantly surprised at Mr and Mrs Marshall's genuine interest in my studies and my life, including my daughter. I have nothing but praise for my donors and the Scholarship office. Karen Howes has also been a welcoming and warm support for me, and this has helped me to settle into university study. I believe that without the Malcolm Marshall Scholarship, I would be unable to afford full-time study. I am now well on my way to a successful teaching career, and for this, I am eternally grateful."
Fiona Webb, Malcolm Marshall Scholarship 2013

L-R: Helen Hughes (Executive Director Community and Corporate Relations); Malcolm Marshall (donor); Fiona Webb (recipient); Chris Marshall (donor)