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SPIN, SMARTS and GENIUS Database Services

SPIN, SMARTS & GENIUS Database Services assist researchers with searching for funding sources, and help foster networking for collaborative research applications.

SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network) database contains detailed information on government and private research funding opportunities from Australia and overseas, updated on a daily basis.

Opportunities on the database cover a broad range of subject areas and award types, such as Fellowships, Travel, Research, Collaborative Projects, Curriculum Development, Sabbatical Support, Publication Support, and Exchange programs.

SMARTS (Spin Matching and Research Transmittal System) is a matching and notification system that provides personalised matching between researchers' profiles and SPIN keywords, emailing researchers directly with information on relevant funding opportunities as they become available.

GENIUS (Global Expertise Network for Industry, Universities and Scholars) is a global database containing the expertise of researchers from universities and research organisations worldwide. GENIUS allows researchers to create and maintain their own profile of expertise. Researchers, funding bodies, and organisations can search for individual researchers with specific expertise for proposed research projects.

Instructions for setting up a SPIN /SMARTS login and researcher profile

Use the SMARTS Quickstart guide to set up your login or download the SPIN Quick Start Guide for details on how to search the new SPIN database.

Updated: 16 September 2015