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External Research Grant Applications Process

Three key steps for Grant Applications

Grants Process 1. Inform Grants Team 2. Get Approval 3. Submit/Copy Grants Team
Step 1:

Please inform the SCU Grants Team of all SCU grant submissions at the application phase, i.e. prior to submission and as early as possible in the process, not after the grant has been announced as successful.

Please note this also applies if you are named as a participant in an application submitted by another university.

Step 2:

All Research Grants submitted by SCU researchers must be approved in advance and in writing by your HoS / Special Research Centre Director.

You can download the required Project Pre-approval Form here. Please note this also applies if you are named as a participant in an application submitted by another university.

Step 3:

Applications for many grant types must be submitted by the Research Office, however some types can be submitted directly by the researcher to the funding body. If you are submitting directly, or the application is submitted by another university, a copy of the final submitted Research Grant Application must be provided to the SCU Research Office at submission time.

  • How?
  • The easiest way to do this is to send some basic details about your intention to submit an application and your project to the Grants Team.

  • Why?
  • Once we are notified of your intention to apply for a particular scheme, we can keep you informed regarding processes, deadlines, applicable fees, certifications and other relevant information that comes to hand. The earlier we are aware of your potential application, the more assistance that we can provide in assisting with your grant submission.

  • How?
  • The process for this is that the researcher completes a Project Pre-approval form, seeks the HoS signature or Special Research Centre Director and then forwards the authorised form to the SCU Research Office prior to the submission of the grant application. This process applies to all research grants, no matter what the size or who the funding provider is.

  • Why?
  • This process ensures that the HoS / Special Research Centre Director is aware and supportive of the grant application and has approved in advance, all SCU cash and in-kind contributions. This is critical for cost centre resource management.

  • How?
  • Please email the Grants Team a copy of your final application, as submitted to the funding provider, with all attachments. This applies to all Expressions of Interest (for research projects), Preliminary Research Proposals, Full Research Proposals, on-line submissions, research tenders etc.

  • Why?
  • By providing your application, we can upload it into SCU's Research Management System (RMS - otherwise known as IRMA) where it can be tracked and included in data required for reporting. In many cases the Research Office must approve and physically lodge the application with the granting body. If your proposal is successful, the Research Services team are able to begin the contracting process using information in your application.

There are many other factors for your consideration during the grant application process. Our Grants Team can answer such questions as:

  • What are the internal and external deadlines for the grant?
  • How do I organise a log-in for the funding body's on-line application?
  • How and when can I access expert and compliance review services?
  • How do I prepare the budget? How and when does the SCU 15% infrastructure fee apply?
  • How do I organise institutional sign-off or letters of support for my application?
  • Some funding bodies (eg ARC, NHMRC, RIRDC etc) stipulate that grants cannot be submitted by individual researchers and must be lodged by the University's Research Office. How do I organise this?
  • Which grants can a researcher submit directly without involving the University's Research Office?

Download a detailed flow chart of the applications process, or visit Grants Team Services for further information and assistance.

The key message: Please contact the Grants Team as early as possible to advise about your potential grant application or to ask any questions about the process.

Our contact details are:

Emma Evans Grants Manager
t: 02 6626 9119 / 79119.

Updated: 09 February 2016