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Australian Research Codes

Coding your Research

Fields of Research (FOR) Codes

This classification allows research and development activity to be categorised according to the field of research. In this respect, it is the methodology used in the research and development that is being considered. FOR Codes from ABS website

Socio-Economic Objective (SEO) Codes

This classification allows research to be categorised according to the purpose or outcome of the research as perceived by the data provider (researcher). It consists of discrete economic, social, technological or scientific domains for identifying the principal purposes of the research. The attributes applied to the design of the SEO classification comprise a combination of processes, products, health, education and other social and environmental aspects of particular interest. SEO Codes from the ABS website

Field of Education (FOE) Codes

FOE codes are defined as the subject matter of an educational activity. Fields of education or use in the collection, storage and dissemination of statistical and administrative data relating to educational activity undertaken in Australia. The ABS has a commitment to develop, maintain and promote the use of standard definitions, classifications and coding procedures to ensure comparability of data derived from statistical and administrative systems, no matter what their source. FOE Codes from the ABS website

Updated: 04 March 2015