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Research Publications FAQs

Q: Why does OoR collect research publication data?
A: All Australian universities are required to submit publications data to to the Australian Research Council (ARC) for the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) submission.

In addition, collection of publications data:

  • allows SCU to understand the breadth of research activities undertaken and the fields in which the research activity occurs.
  • helps the University to build reliable staff research and scholarship profiles.
  • enables IRMA publication reports to be produced for staff submitting Academic Portfolios.
  • enables SCU staff to make research outputs discoverable through the 'ePublications@SCU' open access repository.
Q: When should I submit publications to OoR?
A: SCU authors are encouraged to submit their publications to the OoR as soon as they have been published.

Journal articles may be submitted when the article is published online with a doi. A record with 'in press' details will be created. 'In press' records are checked regularly by the publications team and final verification will take place once the article is published in hard copy. Hard copy publication year will be recorded as the year of publication.

Please note this only applies to articles published online. All other publication types should have full publication details before submitting.

All publications types should be submitted by no later 30 April in the year following publication year.

Q: What do I need to know about FoR and SEO Codes?
A: Fields of Research (FoR) Codes are used to identify the general topic area in which the research was carried out. At least one FoR code at the 4 digit level needs to be recorded on publication submission forms. Up to 3 FoR codes can be selected and each code is assigned a percentage depending on relevance. All FoRs percentage apportionments must add up to 100%.

Socio-Economic Objective (SEO) Codes are used to identify the principal area where the research leading to the publication will benefit the nation. At least one SEO code at the 4 digit level needs to be recorded on publication submission forms. Up to 3 SEO codes can be selected and each

Q: What submission form do I use?
A: Separate submission forms are used for each of the different publication categories. All submission forms are located at Publications Submissions Forms.