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What do I do with records when I don't need them anymore?

You need approval to dispose of most records, regardless of format. There are exceptions for duplicates, ephemeral or facilitative records, and some drafts or working papers. Don't hoard your collections of unwanted records and files in the store room or under the stairs! A simple records disposal procedure exists at the University: Fill in an appraisal form and send to the CRU and they will contact you once procedures are done.

Folder icon Appraisal
What is Appraisal? 
Why not keep all records? 
Folder icon Corporate Records
What are records? 
What have records got to do with me? 
What do you class as a record? 
Are the records in my office or on my computer "official" records? 
What do I do with records when I don't need them anymore? 
Folder icon Destruction of Records
Checklist for records destruction 
Which records may I dispose of, and how? 
Folder icon Email Records
Do we have to keep all emails we send or receive? 
What is the best way to manage digital signatures in an email? 
How long must I keep emails for? 
What do I do with attachments?