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General Privacy Notice

This privacy notice applies to any person whose personal information is collected or received by Southern Cross University (the University).

The University must comply, generally, with the:

  • Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (the PPIP Act) in relation to personal information; and
  • Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (the HRIP Act) in relation to health information.

The University also has certain responsibilities under the the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) particularly in relation to students funded in accordance with the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (Cth) and any person whose tax file number is held by the University.

The University's Privacy Management Plan sets out the types of personal information held by the University, an explanation of how the Information Protection Principles (from the PPIP Act) and Health Privacy Principles (from the HRIP Act) and other relevant legislation and policies affect how we handle personal information and privacy complaints.

This document sets out a number of other purposes for which the University collects, uses and discloses students' personal information. Students should also review the Privacy Statement for Southern Cross University's Websites about how the University handles information (including personal information) about users of the University's websites.

Collecting student personal information

The University collects information about students primarily from students themselves, through online or paper application, via My Enrolment and when we speak to students face-to-face or over the telephone. We may collect students' information when they apply to study with the University make an enquiry.

We also collect information about students from domestic and international educational institutions and organisations such as the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) and Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) for students applying through those organisations, and by means of an electronic qualification verification search like 'QualSearch'.

In participating in the lecture learning environment, students may be recorded through an 'audience cam' mechanism which operates as part of the 'vod-casting' and other student learning broadcasts available through the 'e-learning' system.

The University may also collect personal information from Campus Living Villages about residents or other students accessing the Villages, for purposes such as investigating matters including student misconduct.

Using student personal information

A student's personal information will be used by the University in a variety of ways throughout a their time at the University. Typically, students' personal information will be used to:

  • process applications;
  • manage study plans;
  • manage course timetabling;
  • set, receive and grade coursework, assessment and examinations;
  • record course grades and outcomes;
  • monitor academic progression including academic standing and exclusion;
  • deliver student services including health and counselling services;
  • manage complaints and student misconduct allegations;
  • verify qualifications;
  • process graduations;
  • process scholarships, prizes and sponsorships;
  • operate student organisations managed by SCU or by affiliated third parties, or other activities offered by SCU;
  • provide students with services they have requested from SCU or may be interested in receiving including further study options and becoming associate alumni;

  • provide data to government departments to fulfil mandatory reporting requirements;
  • undertake reviews, questionnaires and surveys of the student population and of those who graduate or leave SCU; and
  • run student representative elections.

Students should also be aware that the University takes a proactive approach to student and staff safety and, accordingly, maintains a multi-disciplinary committee called the "Behavioural Intervention Group" which analyses reports of students exhibiting concerning behaviours and, where appropriate, develops an appropriate intervention or support strategy. For more information about the Behavioural Intervention Group, please contact:

  • Donna Moffit, Chair of the Group and Director of Student Administration Services, on (02) 6620 3214; or
  • Jonathan Munro, Head of Counselling and Disability Services, on (02) 6626 9131,

or email

Students' personal information may also be used by the University to invite students to participate in the University organisations and activities, including student groups, services offered by the University, and other activities conducted by the University.

The University may also use student personal information for the purpose of conducting authorised research. However, the University will not publish any information that identifies an individual unless that person has given consent for that to occur.


Students' personal information may also be used in some circumstances after they have completed their study at the University. For example, to promote further academic study options or graduate surveys. In addition, University alumni groups may use current or former students' personal information to invite them to join their groups and provide them with information about activities and opportunities run by University alumni.

The University may also use alumni personal information to invite former students to participate in the University's quality improvement processes, including Course and School reviews, or for other institutional research activities.

Active members may also receive information about activities and opportunities run by third parties such as formal alumni chapters and informal alumni networks which may be of interest to them. The University may disclose personal information to third parties who operate alumni chapters and networks.

The University alumni may also invite individuals who are not current or former students to join the University alumni. The University will handle those individuals' personal information in the same way it would handle student personal information under this privacy notice and the Privacy Management Plan.

Storing personal information

Students' personal information is primarily recorded in the Student Management System (known as 'Student One'), as well as the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), although may also be stored in course or School specific systems or locations. The CRM is also used to store records of enquiries by and other interactions with non-students.

Not all staff have access to these systems and those staff that do, have differing levels of access depending on their roles. More information about how the University holds students' personal information is described in the Privacy Management Plan.

Disclosing personal information

Certain, selected University partners and contractors have access to the University's Customer Relationship Management system and the personal information contained in it. The University has carefully selected these partners and, in each case, has either bound the partner contractually to the same privacy obligations as the University, or is reasonably satisfied that the partner is already subject to similar requirements.

Other common situations in which the University may also disclose personal information include to:

  • contractors providing services that support the University's educational activities or to conduct mail-outs or debt collection activities on behalf of the University;
  • authorised external agencies that administer surveys, such as the Australian Council for Educational Research and Graduate Careers Australia;
  • third parties operating the University's student or alumni groups, or societies of academic excellence such as the Golden Key International Honour Society; and
  • government agencies such as the Department of Education, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Centrelink and the Australian Taxation Office.

More information about how the University discloses students' personal information is described in the Privacy Management Plan. Please be assured that the University will not disclosure your personal information except as authorised or required by law.

Images and videorecordings

The University may use images or videos captured on campus or at events connected with the University in University publications, on the website and in marketing material. These images may be taken at graduation ceremonies, large events and around campus.

The University will make reasonable attempts to obtain the consent of people featured in those images and recordings for the proposed use or disclosure. However, where the size of the gathering or event makes this impossible or impractcial, the University may display notices for attendees to be aware that photographers may be present and to indicate to the photographer if they do not wish to be photographed.

Third party services

From time to time the University may inform students, by email or otherwise, about services offered by third parties that may be of interest to them. By providing their personal information to the University, students consent to their information being used for this purpose.

Access, correction and complaints

The Privacy Management Plan contains information about:

SCU Privacy Contact Officer

Any enquiries relating to how the University collects and handles personal information should be directed to the University Privacy Contact Officer using the contact details below.

Privacy Contact Officer
Southern Cross University
PO Box 157
t: (02) 6620 3465
f: (02) 6626 9125