Our Voice: Sustainability Conference for Young People by Young People

Held at Southern Cross University - Lismore campus and Gold Coast campus

Friday 30 October 2015 from 10am to 2.00pm

No conference registration costs or attendance fees

The aim of Our Voice is to provide a platform for children and young people to voice their concerns and ideas relating to sustainability and the environment in regional Australia, in particular the Northern Rivers. The conference welcomes students from preschool (children aged three to four) through to junior secondary (students up to 17 years).

We encourage seminars with drama, music, puppetry, discussion forums, story telling, video, and/or participatory workshops to share, discuss and stimulate ideas. The emphasis of Our Voice is to spark conversation through the exchange of diverse perspectives, ideas and experience. There will also be a gallery display for children and young people to voice their concerns and ideas (this will be in the form of posters, photographs, models or artwork).

For schools which are unable to attend due to the cost of bus travel, please contactourvoice@scu.edu.aubecause we may be able to offer some support.

What participants say

"Attending the conference has made me more motivated about the environment and even though I am one person I can be a big help!"

"Everyone can make a difference and with the help of others we can change the world"

Our Voice blog

Visit Our Voice blogto see highlights from the Our Voice conference in 2013 and 2014.

OurVoice Blog

What our participants say ...

'I think it was excellent, run well and an invaluable learning experience for kids. I like the keynote speaker - I know my students were really inspired seeing such a young person speak and create an initiative. They now want to do their own environmental initiative too'

'Overall really enjoyed our visit. The children had lots to talk about afterwards - the parents had a great time and were impressed by everything! Thank you for supporting us in being a part of the Conference - it's a wonderful opportunity for children to come together and share ideas and knowledge!'

'Thank you again for organising this event! It was great for our students to see there are so many other schools around our area who are also doing great stuff for our environment!'

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Hosted by Southern Cross University; Sustainability, Environment & Education (SEE) Research Cluster of the School of Education.
Supported by key partners: Dorroughby Environmental Education Centre and Rous Water.