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SCU Orientation

What is Orientation?

Orientation School Hosts
School Hosts during Orientation

Orientation is an important event that starts your journey as a university student. In the week before teaching starts there are informative and social events. Not only are there helpful sessions that provide you with essential tools to succeed in your degree, there are also a heap of great social events to help you learn about university life.

Sessions U cannot miss!

  • University Essential Sessions
  • Course Information Sessions
  • Getting Started Workshop
  • Technology Services @ SCU
  • Library Toolbox
  • Your Career Starts Now!

School Host colours

Hi, we are School Hosts. You can identify us by our coloured shirts, which represent our graduation colours. We will greet you and answer any questions you may have about your course and the University and take you to Course Information Session.

We look forward to meeting you during Orientation.

Arts and Social Sciences School Host
Arts and Social Sciences
Business and Tourism School Host
Business and Tourism
Education School Host
Environment Science & Engineering School Host
Environment, Science and Engineering
Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples School Host
Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples
Health and Human Sciences School Host
Health and Human Sciences
Law and Justice School Host
Law and Justice
SCU College School Host
SCU College

Transition to university life and Get Connected Week

During weeks 1 and 2 of Session, academic skills workshops continue and events are held to help you settle into university life and make connections in the SCU community.

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What to do and when?

Before orientation

  • Go to MySCU now - it's a place to start and check out the New to SCU site. It has everything you need to understand your new environment and get you started with the basics.
  • Check the Orientation schedule for your closest campus activities and events or if you can't make it browse our online resources.

Take care of the official administrative side of your studies

  • Make sure you know when the study period starts by checking the teaching calendar (for example, first day of teaching for Session 1, 2017 is Monday 27 February) and then check that you know when your census date is in My Enrolment > My Study Plans > Current Enrolment .
  • It is also important to keep your contact details up-to-date, so check these are correct in My Enrolment too.

Now get prepared for the academic side of your studies

  • Check your SCU email daily for any pre-commencement information emails from your teaching staff or administrators.
  • Login to MySCU daily, just before teaching begins, your Learning Site will be available. Visit it daily.

    • Check for any residential requirements or important information from your unit assessor.
    • Make sure you find the Unit Information Guide in your Learning Site - read it carefully.
    • Make sure you can find the Study Guide in your Learning Site - read the introduction
    • Read all unit announcements
    • Join any discussion forums
    • Put assignment due dates (and early reminders), collaborate session and other key unit dates and reminders into your usual diary. Now commit some dedicated study time into your diary too.
  • Visit the The Co-op's Textbook Search tool to find out if there are any prescribed textbooks for your units.

During Orientation

If you are on campus we have lots of activities and fun events for you. Here are some of the things you may want to do and attend. Don't have time to attend our Orientation program or you are studying by online education? The Online Orientation section has some of the essential sessions and fun activities for you to view at your convenience.

  • Course information sessions and essential workshops
  • Live music
  • Free lunch
  • Networking opportunities

Throughout Orientation

  • Attend or download some of the workshops designed to help you find your marks.
  • Check out the Get Connected Week events in Week 2

Start Studying - follow the study planner in your Study Guide

  • In addition to using your Learning Site in MySCU, visit Your Study Resources to make sure you know what online resources are available to you.
  • Make sure you visit the Library and take a look at their Services for Online Education Students and the Library Toolbox. You'll need the Library a lot! Better to take a tour of the basics now, rather than the day before an assignment is due.
  • Remember that even as an online education student, you can create study groups in your local area (or online). The relationships you build at University can be just as useful and enjoyable as those being built by on-campus students.

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