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SCU Orientation


As a new student you will probably hear different terms getting used a lot and you may not know what they mean. Here are a few common 'UniSpeak' words/phrases that you may hear in relation to Orientation. See our Glossary of Terms for more UniSpeak.

Academic Skills
Academic Skills is a team that can help you with assignment writing, study tools, study groups and also hold workshops to help you with your studies.
CareerHub helps you find casual, part-time, and graduate jobs. You can book into career events and access resume templates and other career resources. This is also the place where you can book student loan appointments and Academic Skills appointments.
Census date
The date when a student's enrolment is taken to be finalised and you will be charged for the units you are undertaking. See census dates for more information.
Clubs and Societies
There are a variety of Clubs and Societies at SCU that range from community groups to sporting groups. If there isn't one that matches your interests, contact UniLife to find out how you can start one!
Computer Labs
There are various computer rooms at all campuses that can be utilised for assignments and study. All you need is your MySCU login details to access the computers and internet. Printer and photocopying facilities are available. There are also computers available for use in the Library. See Computer Labs and Printing for more information.
Course Information Session
An essential session that provides you with important information you will need to know regarding what is required of you in your chosen degree, such as: assignments, classes, equipment requirements, helpful resources, etc. It is also a good way to meet the teaching staff along with fellow students.
Get Connected Week
Week 2 of Session 1 and 2, and the final week of Orientation: during this week the University focuses on connecting students to SCU services, encouraging building networks and generally promoting events that promote these values.
Getting Started Workshops
A workshop in Orientation (Session 1 and 2) presented by Academic Skills, that equips you with the important information that you need to know about your academic university life and how to optimise your learning. You will be guided through some of the helpful resources that SCU have to aid you with your studies.
The Learning Centre
The Library and some Academic Skills staff are housed in the Learning Centre in the Plaza at Lismore campus. Facilities include 90 desktop PCs, seven meeting rooms for group study work, wireless connectivity, face-to-face help, collaborative spaces, and the Water Dragon Cafe.
Library Toolbox
Unlock your potential with the Library Toolbox where you'll find information on everything you need to make study a breeze: online and print resources, campus contacts, opening hours, how to borrow, how to connect and more.
New to SCU
The New to SCU program provides practical tips and information to help you prepare for your study experience. Log in to MySCU now - it's a place to start if you are new to SCU.
Orientation is a three day program prior to classes starting; it also includes Get Connected Week (Week 2 of Session 1 and 2). Orientation introduces first year students to the University and helps with the transition into university life. It also re-engages continuing students back into their studies. Note: In Session 3, it is a 1-3 day program prior to classes starting.
Pulse is a quick and easy way to connect with SCU. Students can make a comment or ask a question about their student experience, agree or disagree to posts from others and get feedback from the university.
School Host
When you first get to SCU during Orientation you will be greeted by a School Host. Your School Host will have a specific coloured shirt reflecting the different schools. They are there to greet you on arrival, take you to your Course Information Session, and answer any questions you might have about your specific course or just uni life in general. If you're in your second, third or fourth year of study find out how you can become a School Host.
Southern Cross University offers three study periods throughout the year: Session 1, 2, and 3. Each Session last for 15 weeks and include: 12 teaching weeks, 1.5 study weeks, and 1.5 exam weeks. See Teaching Calendar for more information.
Social Sport
UniLife runs a weekly Social Sport competition in Session 1 and 2 offering a variety of sports such as: Touch, Basketball, 6-a-side soccer, Netball, Beach Volleyball and Water Polo. See Social Sport for more information.
Student Loans
The University operates a Student Loan Scheme designed to provide small interest-free loans to currently enrolled students who can demonstrate genuine need and whose continued attendance at the University is in jeopardy due to financial hardship. Visit the Student Loans page for more information.
Student Services/Hub
Where you can find out all sorts of information such as timetables, scholarships, course transfers, student ID cards, information on study, courses, fees, expenses and more! See Contact information, locations and addresses for locations at your campus.
The journey of settling into your new way of life at university.
Technology Services @ SCU
An information session to assist students with accessing essential SCU technology systems such as: MySCU (Blackboard), My Enrolment, email, Collaborate, and the assistance available from the Service Desk.
CareerHub helps you Find casual, part-time, and graduate jobs. Book into career events and access resume templates and other career resources.
U Discover SCU Online
The U Discover SCU Online is a an online quiz that takes you on a tour of the SCU website, highlighting SCU services that are important to know about to help you succeed in your studies at SCU.
The office of Orientation, off-campus accommodation, careers and employment, sport and cultural activities and student loans. Visit UniLife's website
The UniMentor program connects new students with a second or third year mentor studying the same course in order to help them settle into the academic and social environments of university and is available to all new undergraduate students, studying on campus or via online education in any award course (ie, Bachelor degree or Associate degree).
A year-round online service that helps students find private rental and other off-campus accommodation at Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Lismore and Tweed Heads. The UniStays website also has links to helpful information for tenants and landlords.
University Essentials
It's where we give you the key information, tips and hints, in bite-sized chunks to make your start at Uni that much easier. You'll hear from professional staff and other students about the SCU online systems, where to go to get a helping hand, key dates, textbook information, how to use MySCU and more. Don't miss this essential session.
Your Career Starts Now
10 tips to kick-start your career - did you know there are lots of things you can start doing from day one of year one to discover and land your dream job? Come along and find out how the SCU Career Development Service can support you to PREPARE NOW!

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