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SCU Orientation

Lismore campus

Where to park

For information on how to travel to Lismore campus and what parking is available please go to the Travel to SCU page.

How to read the classroom/lecture theatre room numbers

The letter is the name of the block you need to go to, the first number (usually 1 or 2) means the level the room is on: 1 is the ground floor or bottom level, 2 means it is up the one level of stairs. The number after the decimal point is the location of the room on that floor.

Example B2.31 means the room is in B Block, it is upstairs and the 31st room along (please note that there can be numerous entrances to a building, so it may not be the 31st room along from where you enter).

Goodman Plaza

The Goodman Plaza is the heart of student life on campus, the central location for student enquiries and a great place to have lunch. This where you will find The Co-op, Student Centre, UniLife Office, Equity and Diversity (the home of UniMentor), LEXSA (Lismore and External Students Association), Student Advocacy Service, Summerland Credit Union, Campus Living Villages office, Chaplaincy and some yummy cafes.

The Deck, SCU UniBar

The The Deck, SCU UniBar offer coffee and cakes, a great lunch menu, and themed band nights. It is a nice place to socialise and chill on the deck.

SCU Fitness for You

SCU Fitness for You provides great student rates to access the 33m heated indoor swimming pool, as well as the fully equipped gym, cardio area and a great variety of Les Mills fitness classes to choose from. Fully trained personal trainers are also on site at all times for assistance.

Further information

Updated: 17 December 2014