Conference program and themes

The multidisciplinary conference is set to attract a wide range of stakeholders, and the focus will be on providing current information, exchanging experiences and creating opportunities for discussion, debate and networking. The conference will cover relevant aspects of acid sulfate soils including science, policy, planning and management.

The conference program includes a number of themes:

  • understanding the nature of acid sulfate soil and their impact;
  • understanding the distribution and formation of acid sulfate soil across different landscapes;
  • assessment techniques and laboratory analysis;
  • policy, regulation and education;
  • managing acid sulfate soil and groundwater during development, and mitigating the impacts;
  • acid sulfate soil health impacts: human and ecological;
  • understanding inland acid sulfate soil; and
  • broad acre remediation of acid sulfate soil disturbance in wetlands and agricultural landscapes.

Download the final conference program

Updated: 15 May 2014