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Discovery Wall

 The Discovery Wall (affectionately known as 'Seymour') in Lismore is a window to the University and its community, exhibiting a wide range of video, animation and photographic works by various local artists. It is made up of 16 x 55-inch LCD screens stacked in 2 columns spanning over 3 stories in the library. The content schedule is updated regularly, drawing on a large bank of locally produced and event-specific content.


If you are interested in discussing opportunities for creating work for the Discovery Wall, please contact:


PDF Download Discovery Wall Guidelines for Content Creation & Discovery Wall Specifications

Current Display Works

Discovery Wall Lizard

Land Head Hearts

SCU Library contracted a Queensland company, The Story Boxes, in 2015 to capture how the Library connects with students, community and to the regions.
This themed video content "Land Head Hearts" is the result.

Jacinta Rose


My experience as a cinematographer has taken me on a journey with many mediums beginning with film analog video to digital. I have always enjoyed working in creative arts, producing dance film sequences and visual content for live shows and music video. Jacinta's dance sequence "Valtari" has been a fantastic expression of her free-flowing performance style. The project came from an inspiration triggered by a sound scqpe track "Valtari" by Sigur Ros. The track had found its way to us both independently. We agreed that this was ideal as a guide to the performance. The lighting is a single light, presenting isolation in an exaggerated space as Jacinta reaches up, extending, suspended with effortless visual rhythm, pausing, then gracefully collapsing. The project required a combination of ultra high definition 4K camera and accurate coverage of the 6m vertical video wall which presented some production challenges. This is the first of a number of sequences that we have worked on and hope to share them soon.
Dancer, Jacinta Durney
Camera/Editor, Ian Slade

Whales Video

Local whales

This footage was taken from a drone camera, shot around the local beaches in the Northern Rivers.
It shows migrating humpback whales on their journey north to warmer waters.

Lismore Campus Drone

Southern Cross University Lismore Campus

This footage was taken from a drone camera, shot at Southern Cross University's Lismore campus.

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NMSC tanks

National Marine Science Centre

The National Marine Science Centre (NMSC) is part of the School of Environment, Science & Engineering. It is located in Coffs Harbour on the east coast of Australia and adjacent to the Solitary Islands Marine Park, where both tropical and temperate currents meet. This interesting setting provides practical opportunities in the study of marine science and management for both students and researchers.
The NMSC is home to the Solitary Islands Aquarium. The Aquarium is open on weekends and during the NSW school holidays for visitors to discover what makes the Solitary Islands Marine Park special - through a series of aquariums, visual displays and guided tours. To find out more about the Aquarium and school programs available, please visit Solitary Islands Aquarium.

Early larvae SEM operculum

Research Week 1-5 August 2016

A special series of images and video footage collected from SCU researchers will be on display during Research Week, 1st - 5th August. The display features research conducted around the globe by researchers across the University, including National Marine Science Centre, Marine Ecology Research Centre, Plant Science, GeoScience, Centre for Children & Young People.

David Rudd

David Rudd

"Computational binding model of murexine to the ligand-binding domain of acetylcholine-binding protein (AChBP): A model for the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR).The pharmacological actions of murexine in vivo provide support for murexine binding to the muscle type nAChR, having a similar pharmacological action to suxamethonium (Erspamer and Glasser, 1957; Roseghini et al., 1996), a known partial agonist of the -subunit nAChR. A structure and function homology model of the binding site of the -subunit nAChR was used to determine murexine binding potential, using the molluscan AChBP from pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis (PDB: 1I9B; Brejc et al., 2001).

Ryan Kenny

Ryan Kenny

Ryan Kenny, a Film maker and Photographer from Lennox Head/ Byron Bay NSW. With 15 years' experience in production and stills. As well as working in Audio Visual for SC, Ryan runs a studio in the Byron bay Industrial estate. Freelance Camera Operation, Photography, Media production and Studio Hire under Mocean Media House. A team of professionals to cater to all your media and production needs.

Dan McDonnell

Dan McDonnell

Dan McDonnell's work reflects a fascination for the aesthetics of digital technology and how they can overlap with a painterly practice. His process involves painting with his hands onto the back of perspex, emphasising touch and materiality but also simulation and separation-demonstrating a perceptive sensibility that appears at once as hand-made and reproduced.

The slick interfaces of today's mobile devices with swipe, scroll and pinch-to-zoom features, are literally portable light boxes in which the majority of images we see on a daily basis are viewed. McDonnell's works promote and encourage this visceral sensation of touch, employing the expressive gesture as a way of referencing the peculiar quality of our interactions with touch-screen devices-suggesting an experience that is at once direct yet mediated. Through the language of abstract art, his work simultaneously acknowledges the past while also commenting on contemporary digital culture and what it means to live in an era dominated by the screen.

Jeremy Austin

Jeremy Austin

Jeremy Austin is an Australian artist based in The Northern Rivers of NSW who works in a variety of mediums out of studio in Lismore. Growing up in his fathers art store in Lismore, surrounded by art materials his entire life he found himself becoming a keen mark maker, a young Jeremy was busy soaking up the art of comic books, graphical science fiction books and Letraset lettering catalogues.

Reoccurring characters act as a vehicle for the continued exploration into catatonic automatic drawing as well as muscle-memory schemata drawing with the aim of bringing the immediacy and honesty of the compressed line work of my sketchbook sessions to canvas and walls.

Grayson Cooke

Grayson Cooke

Grayson Cooke is an interdisciplinary scholar and media artist, Senior Lecturer in the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Southern Cross University. He holds an interdisciplinary PhD from Concordia University in Montreal. Grayson is an award-winning media artist, who has exhibited and performed media art works across Europe, Australia, Asia and North America.

"Frack" is an art-science project that builds on my previous work, which involves time-lapse macro-photography of photographic media being chemically destroyed. This project involves a kind of "virtual fracking", where I am using chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing to destroy photographs of sedimentary rock. The chemicals used in this project are hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, and sodium hydroxide. Read more.