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Q: How can I renew my books?
A: Borrowed items will be renewed automatically up to six times, unless they are already overdue or another borrower requests them (see 'Manage your loans'). You will receive a reminder message when an item is due, or you can check the due date any time by logging into My Account in the catalogue and clicking on 'Loans'.
Q: My book did not automatically renew - why not?
A: Items cannot be renewed if another client has put a hold on the material, if the items are overdue, or if you've had the book for the maximum number of renewals.
Q: How many books can I borrow at a time?
Q: What is my library card?
A: Your student card is your Library card. It is also used for photocopying, printing and swipe access to computing labs on campus.
Q: Can I request books that are out on loan, or from another campus?
A: Yes. You can request items that are currently on loan, or at another campus library by placing a request. When you search for the book in our catalogue, you'll be able to place a request after you sign in.
Q: It is possible for a Online student to borrow from any library via mail?
A: Yes, you can request a book in the catalogue and we will send it to your home address. When you search for the book in our catalogue, you'll be able to place a request after you sign in.
Q: How do I know when my books are due?
A: When you borrow from the self-charge machines, you can choose to print a date due slip. You will also receive an email detailing the items borrowed and their due dates. Remember that you can check the due date any time by logging into My Account in the catalogue and clicking on 'Loans'.
Q: What do you charge for overdue books?
A: Fines are set at 50c per day for general collection items, and $5 per item per day for 7-day loans. You may like to check what you can borrow and for how long.
Q: How can I pay my library fine?
A: Fines can be paid at the Information Desk in the Library with your student card, or by credit card, cheque or money order payable to SCU Library.
Q: How can I get a book that is not held by SCU library?
A: All SCU students (internal and online), staff members, and researchers affiliated with the University are eligible for Inter Library Loans.
Q: How do I return books on campus?
A: The main book return chute is situated on the outside wall of each campus Library, so items may be returned at any time, 24x7.
Q: How do I book a study room in Lismore library?
A: Lismore rooms are available for University study and related activity and are booked online using your SCU student email address.
Bookings can be cancelled by clicking on the cancellation link in your confirmation email.
A daily maximum of 2 hours per person applies.
Q: How do you print in the Library?
A: You can print in the library using your student ID card.
Q: Can I scan in the library?
A: Yes. You can scan documents for no charge to a USB using our printers.
Q: Is it possible to complete a session for EndNote online through SCU or any other resource?
A: The EndNote Libguide is the best online resource with Endnote information broken into segments with instructions and accompanying videos. Upcoming training and recorded tutorials can be found in the Training / Tutorials section.
Q: I am attempting to install EndNote, using your instructions, but require a product key. Do I have to buy my own copy?
A: No, you don't have to purchase EndNote or enter a product key. The EndNote file you have downloaded is a zip file, so if you don't extract the contents before installing the program, then you will get the product key message. You will need to reinstall EndNote after extracting the files. For help, see our instructions on how to unzip the file (extract files).
Q: Where can I get help with referencing?
A: See our referencing guides, or contact your Liaison Librarian or make an appointment for help with referencing.
Q: I need some help to find a journal article.
A: You can find journal articles by searching our catalogue or databases, or looking in one of our LibGuides for your subject area. For further help with finding information, contact your Liaison Librarian or make an appointment.
Q: I need to find scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles for my assignment. What does that mean?
A: A scholarly or academic journal publishes articles on original research and commentaries on current development in a specific discipline, or subject field.
A Peer-reviewed or Refereed journal is a scholarly journal that requires submitted articles to be subjected to a process of critical review by experts on the subject, known as referees, before determining if the articles be accepted for publication.
Q: How can I find SCU theses?
A: Theses passed by the Higher Degree Research Committee at Southern Cross University are deposited into ePublications@SCU. These records are then harvested into the Trove database developed by the National Library of Australia.
Access to the digital version of theses from all Australian Universities is available through this service. See our webpage for more information on finding theses.
Q: Other library clients making a noise?
A: If other Library clients are making a distracting noise, please bring it to the attention of a member of the Library staff. Staff are willing to help, as we place great importance on providing appropriate areas for both private study and collaborative work.
Q: Can I bring my child/ren to the library?
A: It is University Policy that all staff, students and visitors who bring or allow children to enter the Library must ensure that they are in the complete control and care of an adult at all times. Please note that children are NOT permitted to use photocopiers, computers or any other University equipment (see Children on campus policy). Adults failing to comply may be asked to remove the child/children from the building. If children are interfering with your work/study in any way, please do not hesitate to inform Library staff so that the situation may be addressed.
Q: Is there a past test papers' archive so that in the future I can study for my final exams in a similar format to what the paper will be in?
A: There is no archive of previous exam papers. One option might be to ask your unit assessors if they have any previous sample exam papers for students to access.
Q: Can I join the library as an Alumni?
A: Southern Cross University Alumni may register as Library borrowers free of charge by providing photo ID and proof of Alumni membership at the Library desk. Registration is for a 12-month period and expires on 15 March each year.
Q: Can I access online library resources if I join the library as an Alumni?
A: SCU Alumni are eligible for free remote access to a selection of Library databases. You can also access a wider range of databases from on site at any of the campus libraries.
Q: Can a member of the public join the Library?
A: Yes. Members of the public can join the library as an associate member.
Q: Can a student or staff of another university join the SCU Library?
A: Students and staff from other universities are eligible join as a reciprocal member.