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How is my privacy protected under the GIPA Act?

Government information sometimes identifies people. Under the GIPA Act a record that would reveal an individual’s personal information would not generally be disclosed unless there are strong public interest considerations in favour of disclosure.

Under the GIPA Act, personal information does not include the individual’s name and non-personal contact details that shows the person was exercising public functions.

In deciding whether to disclose personal information about you to a person applying for access to information, the University will consider whether you are likely to be concerned about the release of the information and whether those concerns are relevant to the public interest. If so the University will:

  • consult with you, and
  • take into account any objections you may have to the release of the information.

If the University consults you and decides to release the information anyway the University:

  • must tell you of this decision and your right to have it reviewed, and
  • must not release the information while you still have the right to seek review.

You may also wish to contact Privacy NSW (the office of the NSW Privacy Commissioner), which publishes factsheets about the handling of personal information and health information.

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