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What other legislation affects the University?

The University has obligations under a large number of state and federal laws. Some key legislation that affects the University is:

Although the University is established in NSW, it also operates campuses in other states of Australia, and may therefore be subject to laws in those states.

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Do I need legal advice? 
How do I obtain legal advice? 
Is there a charge? 
What is the University's legal status? 
How should the University be described in legal documents? 
What is the University's ABN? 
Who has power to sign documents on behalf of the University? 
What is the University seal? 
What is legal professional privilege? 
What steps do I need to take to ensure that legal professional privilege applies to any advice I obtain from the Legal Office? 
Who should subpoenas be addressed to? 
How are court documents served on the University? 
I have received a subpoena to appear as a witness in legal proceedings or to produce documents. What should I do? 
I have received a summons to appear for jury service. What must I do? 
What other legislation affects the University? 
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