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Animal law - student research papers

The Animal Law Compendium is a selection of law student research assignments. They were chosen for their excellence, interesting and informative subject matter and for representing the eight topic areas which were considered in the unit LAW10487 Animal Law.

Animal Law Compendium (whole)

PDF Animal Law Compendium

Part 1: Legal and philosophical frameworks of animal law

PDF From property to personhood: Can non-human animals make the transition? by Kendra Frew
PDF Saving our silent slaves: Legal and moral challenges to speciesism by Marie Vella

Part 2: Criminal and cruelty offences

PDF The link between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence by Alan Parkes

Part 3: Companion animals

PDF Dogs and divorce: Chattels or children? by Paula Hallam
PDF Improving welfare outcomes for impounded animals: A critical appraisal of RSPCA (NSW) policy and practice by Robert Lonetree

Part 4: Animals in entertainment and sport

PDF Captive dolphins in Australia by Sarah Smith
PDF The greyhound racing industry: Having a bet each way on animal welfare by Peter Madden

Part 5: Animals in agriculture and live animal export

PDF Bobby calves and the dairy industry: The milk of human kindness? by Desmond Bellamy
PDF Intensive pig farming: A study in legally sanctioned cruelty by Felicity Abotomey

Part 6: Animal experimentation and research

PDF Animal research regulation in Australia: Does it pass the test of robustness? by Alexandra Whittaker
PDF Human exceptionalism and the use of non-human animals in scientific research by Jessica Stanley

Part 7: Wild animals and animals in the wild

PDF The price of freedom: The controlled extermination of the Australian dingo by Sonya Broderick
PDF Welfare or conservation? Indigenous cultural practices relating to turtle and dugong hunting in northern Australia by Cecily Middleton and Anne Schillmoller

Part 8: Animal advocacy and law reform

PDF Commercial seal hunting and international initiatives in animal protection by Ainsleigh Lugger
PDF The promise and pitfalls of legal standing for animals by John Cronin