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Law Lounge

Law Lounge is a place that fosters study groups for allstudents of the School of Law and Justice.

Location is no barrier to studying together. Law Lounge enables you to form study groups and connect with fellow students wherever you are. Connect through digital networking or by setting up face-to-face group meetings. Law Lounge helps you to:

  • Interact with other students
  • Create online and/or face-to-face study groups
  • Swap ideas, research, and learning hints
  • Keep on track with your study.

Studying law and justice is demanding. Why go it alone when you can be in a supportive student-run study group? Combat isolation - studying together will ease you into your studies. Of course you still have to do some study on your own, but being in a study group will assist your focus, direction and results.

Join a Law Lounge study group

Join a Law Lounge study group, get connected, and study with less stress! Just log into the Law Lounge Blackboard site with your MySCU ID and password.