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Human Rights - Student research papers

The Human Rights Law e-book is a selection of law student research assignments. They were chosen for their excellence and for representing most of the topic areas which were considered in the unit LAW00522 Human Rights.

The politics of human rights in Australia - Law under the spotlight

Pope Magna Carta
Cartoon reproduced with permission David Pope/The Canberra Times.

PDF The politics of human rights: Law under the spotlight - complete edition

PDF The politics of human rights in Australia - introduction by Cristy Clark

PDF No place like 'home': Examining the 'Going home, staying home' reforms by Owen McMahon

PDFMarriage equality in Australia: A fundamental right? by Neil Hendricks

PDFMarriage equality: A possible reality or unreachable dream? by Sigrid McKenna

PDFCounter terrorism, control orders and Article 9 of the ICCPR by Stephanie Rowe

PDFAustralia's response to foreign fighters: Security without a bill of rights by Phillip Scharneese

PDFBorder protection and human rights by Felicity Abotomey

PDFBurden-sharing or burden-shifting? by Newton Alannah

PDFConstitutional recognition and Indigenous Australians by Michael Donachie

PDFStronger futures? by Cera Godinez

PDFRight to a healthy environment versus mining: An examination of federal environmental law and its failure to protect people's health by Helena Kern