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Applicant FAQs

Q: How can I get more information about the position and work unit?
A: The contact person can more information on the job requirements.

Q: Where do I find out more about the University's values & strategic direction?
A: Read our Strategic Plan for details of the University's vision, mission, values and strategic goals.

Q: Can I access information about working at the University such as leave, hours of work etc?
A: Information about working at the University can be found on our 'Why Work at SCU?' webpage and on the HR Website.

Q: What information should I include in my application?
A: Make your application clear and concise. Quote the position title and vacancy ID number and address each of the criteria separately. Your curriculum vitaé (CV) or resumé should include:
  • Your personal details and contact information
  • Details of your previous employment including your responsibilities and duties;
  • A summary of your educational qualifications and relevant training courses you have completed (do not include originals or copies of your testamurs or transcripts); and
  • the names of two nominated referees and their contact information
  • Any awards and memberships of professional bodies you hold.

Q: When will I need to provide proof of my qualifications?
A: Include a summary of your educational and professional qualifications and any training courses you have attended in the CV attached to your application. If you are the successful candidate for the position, you will be required to provide the originals of your testamurs and certificates before commencing duty. (Do not include copies of your qualifications and training certificates with your application.)

Q: If I am applying for an academic position, is there any additional information I should provide?
A: Depending on the nature of the position, you should provide:
  • A list of your formal qualifications or progress towards such qualifications;
  • Evidence of the quality of your teaching performance such as:
    • A teaching evaluation by your students or peers;
    • Details of your involvement in curriculum development or review;
    • Evidence that you have participated in the development of course material; and/or
    • Details of your use of innovative teaching methods and experience in teaching indifferent modes.
  • Your achievements in research and other scholarly activity, including detail of publications, conference presentations, exhibitions;
  • Your professional consulting experience; and
  • Relevant industry experience.

Q: How should I submit my application?
A: Submit your application online with your CV & statement addressing the selection criteria uploaded as one pdf document.

Q: How long will the interview process take?
A: The HR representative who contacts you can advise the approximate length of the interview. For some positions, you may also need to complete other selection activities such as presentations, technical questionnaires or skills tests.

Q: Who will be on the Selection Panel?
A: The composition of the Selection Panel will vary. The HR representative will be able to advise who is on the Selection Panel.

Q: What if I need to travel?
A: Depending on the level of the position advertised, you may be given assistance with travel and accommodation to attend the interview. The HR representative will advise whether travel assistance is available.

Q: Am I able to telephone or video-conference an interview?
A: Where distance prevents you from physically attending an interview, a telephone or video conference (Skype) interview may be arranged.

Q: Should I bring anything to interview?
A: Bring a copy of the CV and statement addressing the selection criteria you submitted and any notes that you think may help prompt you during the interview process (such as examples of achievements etc).

If the Selection Panel wishes to assess samples of work, the HR representative will advise what you are required to bring to the interview.

Q: What is the role of a referee?
A: Referees are asked to comment on your ability to meet each of the position's selection criteria. Written or verbal reports may be requested from your referees so please make sure they are aware that you have nominated them and that they are prepared to provide written or verbal comments on your current or prior work performance. It is important to provide your referees' current phone, email and postal addresses in your application.

Two referees are required. At least one of your referees must be a current or recent supervisor. Colleagues will not normally be accepted as a referee.

Q: When will I be advised if I have been successful?
A: You will be given an estimate of the decision timeframe at the interview. Pending final checks and discussions, candidates are generally informed of the outcome within one week of their interview.

Q: Does the University offer relocation assistance?
A: Depending upon the position, new appointees may be eligible for relocation assistance to help with travel expenses to relocate, removal of furniture & personal effects and accommodation expenses on commencement of their appointment. See the Relocation Assistance Policy for further details.

Q: How do I register for casual employment?
A: The University has casual employment registers for casual academic and professional vacancies. Complete an on-line application, attach your CV and you will be registered for casual vacancies.